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Comment 25 May 2020
For me, seeing scouts talk about him as "fluid" or "range-y" are usually better indicators of where he'll end up. Not having camps and evaluation opportunities means right now means lots of guys won't get to improve on their sophomore year testing numbers. It especially hurts the 2022 class, who are just now physically developing.
Comment 12 May 2020
More people are dying every day that on 9/11. If that's "political" to you, you're out of touch and I pray you get help. I want football to be back on schedule as much as anyone. I want a regular fall evaluation schedule for '21-'23 prospects, but it's not going to happen. It's honestly embarrassing that Priestas would allow such fucking drivel (such as the Dewine/Acton thread) on 11W. This isn't tigerdroppings.net (and the insanr conspiracies there) or at least, I hope it isn't.
Comment 11 May 2020

Let's take a look. Vandagriff, Smith, Wheaton, and Foster are anomalies that they must really believe in. Everyone else makes sense, to an extent. 

Ranking Rivals 247 ESPN Composite (before Rivals update)
Korey Foreman 1 2 3 1
Amarius Mims 2 14 20 6
Caleb Williams 3 6 15 5
JT 4 1 4 2
Vandagriff 5 32 35 12
Maason Smith 6 36 58 20
Wheaton 7 44 42 19
Sawyer 8 4 1 3
Bryce Foster 9 114 146 64
Brockermeyer 10 9 2 4
Comment 01 May 2020

I don't care about his grammar. Just because you can post doesn't mean you should post. 

If there's something substantial there, take my upvote. 

Comment 14 Apr 2020
It absolutely does matter as far as how close you are to being physically mature or at your ceiling. A kid that was held back for athletic reasons will look a lot better against the competition simply because he's more physically mature than his supposed peers.
Comment 10 Apr 2020

If Sotos can help them win next year and they can play him, they will play him. It's really as simple as that. Just like they would've played Sueing last year if they could have. 

Comment 07 Apr 2020
Completely meaningless, unintelligible comment. Please don't post unless you're going to contribute something. Remaining silent and lurking is totally fine. Not everything deserves a comment.
Comment 02 Apr 2020
I excluded Class of 2021 in the totals + differences tables because there's an 11 commitment disparity that would skew the numbers out of whack. Obviously the class of 2021 will further grow the divide, but those two classes are incomplete. It's there to help you compare our '21 class against the heralded '17 & '18 classes
Comment 28 Mar 2020
There are plenty of folks here that ~love~ tweeting at underage kids. I don't get it. Leave the recruiting to the coaches. I'm old enough to remember bdubstriviaguru, who cost us Alex Anzalone and nearly Nick Bosa.
Comment 28 Mar 2020
You have the power to remove it. We have the power to hide it. Thanks for playing though. Spooner requests off-topic removals all the time. This isn't a self-policing community. You have the power to remove posts that add nothing, yet you don't. Not sure what your purpose is in existing if you aren't going to, you know, moderate the content. Oh wait, you're too busy changing thread titles to make them descriptive.