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Comment 16 Jan 2020

Exactly. Discussing specific players who you think might leave is in poor taste. 

Looking for positional logjams, experienced+no clear path to the playing field, and getting recruited-over are good indicators. Even then there are still surprises where none of the indicators are met.

There are some specific rooms with highly recruited guys who aren't close to the two-deep. It doesn't take a savant to figure out which rooms are likely to have movement.

Comment 10 Jan 2020
Yeah it's pretty absurd at this point. Nothing he comments adds value to the conversation and most of it turns into off-topic garbage.
Comment 10 Jan 2020

I mean, I grew up a lot between age 17-18 and age 22-23. People change. Projecting someone as a "cancer" when they're a teenager isn't really all that fair.

Do I think Ohio State should make any sort of move to get him? No. But let's not jump to labeling kids ahead of their college careers. 

Comment 07 Jan 2020
Correct. SS/SAM/Bullet is all the same thing in the Ohio State defense. The position Pete Werner plays. That's the position Johnson will end up at so long as we stay a single high defense. They have a Mike and Sam in the class. I'd assume they're going to go after a Will too.
Comment 02 Jan 2020

Gee Scott screams Michael Thomas to me. He has the discipline and motor to be an elite route runner under Hartline's tutelage, and that's how he'll have to create separation. 

Comment 02 Jan 2020

In every all-star game setting, defensive linemen always have the advantage. It's even more evident when they go to play the game, as there's no cohesion between the line. Paris started the practice week exceptionally slow, but still seems slated to start the game. 

Fryar being behind for one drill probably isn't indicative of anything. For OL recruiting, all that really matters is frame and feet. 

Comment 27 Dec 2019
Saying inflammatory and offensive things on Ohio State forums is totally fine apparently. Just respond with "sorry I don't conform to your PC wokeness" and everything is fine.
Comment 24 Dec 2019
Nothing that's happened on the court points to him blossoming. Not sure what signs other than his LeBron-like psysique, unless you're privvy to how he's doing in practice. I hope he turns into KBD but KBD as a freshman had a far more polished skillset. I like Gaffney's physical upside, but it might take a few years.
Comment 24 Dec 2019
I hope so. He didn't improve at Cleveland Heights, got a little better at the private school he transferred to. He has an NBA body, just not motor, awareness, or skill set yet. He's reminded me of a SF Amir Williams when he's played meaningful minutes. Fingers crossed Holtmann gets the most out of him. To say he "is" much better right now isn't exactly true. Etzler has had the production you'd expect so far in HS; Gaffney really never put it together in HS. Hopefully someday he will be. Downvote me if you'd like, but Barttorvik has him as the worst scholarship player this year on the roster (besides Diallo). Not great for a high 4*.
Comment 09 Dec 2019
"real Buckeye fans ______" is such a tired argument. Just because someone has high expectations for recruiting doesn't make them a dick or any less of a Buckeye fan.