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Comment 23 Jul 2020

The depth chart at H is probably going to be Wilson, JSN, Cooper. Cooper's lack of senior season and JSN enrolling early are contributing factors.

Comment 21 Jul 2020

Maybe it's a hot take, but I think Jack will need the Marotti weight room to get college ready. Not quite the NPF weight gain, but maybe more of a light Sam Hubbard track. 

He's gained muscle as of the last few months, but he still looks more like a basketball player than a defensive end. For comparison, Nick Bosa was 260-265 when he got to campus, and I don't think Jack is anywhere near that right now (though I think he could easily carry it). 

Compared to say, Tunmise or JT who are physically big enough to play right now at the college level. 

Comment 16 Jul 2020

Lots of Rivals FutureCasts coming in for Branham to Ohio State over the past few days.Not sure if that indicates something imminent, or rather that it's the only logical prediction. 

Comment 08 Jul 2020

I'm quite worried about Mike Daum (potentially) taking the game over. He's 6'9", so I guess you put Deshaun or Lenzelle on him depending on what the rotations look like. Malik Dime is an intriguing option but I think he's more of a true post player, not a stretch. 

Comment 16 Jun 2020

I think Ben's senior tape could boost him back to top 100 range. His primary issue is short area quickness/avoiding bad steps and technique, both things which can be taught.  

If he were reporting to Ohio State this summer he'd probably be a college guard. More training/conditioning should get him to the ideal tackle. 

Comment 16 Jun 2020

Birm has talked in his podcast about the difference between his style of reporting than say Rivals or 247. Birm only talks to guys that are relevant to Ohio State. He doesn't have a coalition of reporters that he's supposed to inform.

With Rivals or 247, the Ohio State guy learns something, asks his Oklahoma counterpart about it, maybe they message a national guy, and everyone sort of spins it for their own audience. 

With BuckeyeScoop, it's similar to Birm's situation, but with the added element that the content is premium. Their goal is to sell you a sub. 

Comment 11 Jun 2020

"Untrue", lol. If Day wants to go three wide, one TE, I'm sure they'll be fine. LSU was over 70% 11 personnel last year and had arguably the greatest offensive scheme of all time.

We were in 11 as well a ton if you look at any of Dan's snapcount tables from last year -- WRs outsnapped TEs significantly. Against Clemson, we only went with 12 personnel exactly 12 times. 

  • Ruckert and Farrell are relatively elite TEs, so we roll two frequently (it isn't our base offense) while we have them.
  • If we have two elite Hs, you'll probably see fewer two TE looks.
    • Paris Campbell and KJ Hill were the perfect example of this. 
    • Since KJ was basically the king of H last year =  more 2 TE looks. 
  • With Wilson, Cooper, and JSN at the slot, you'll probably see more 1 TE looks going forward. Since this is a recruiting thread, the more guys we whiff on, the more likely Christian Leary could end up in the class, another solid H.
Comment 10 Jun 2020

Interested, yes. Some indications are that Ohio State likes him better at DB, and that could mean a Lorenzo Styles type situation.

Comment 08 Jun 2020

Yeah, I doubt Chris Holtmann would want to push out his best player who is battling mental health issues. That'd be bad for the team and bad from an optics perspective. 

Who would you rather have if you were Holtmann: Abel Porter or DJ Carton? That was the swap that was made.