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Comment 15 Aug 2019

You should check out Chad Peltier's recent post: https://www.landgrantholyland.com/2019/8/13/20800840/advanced-stats-ohio-state-recruiting-talent-level-2019?utm_campaign=cgpeltier&utm_content=chorus&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter

This point in his Twitter thread talks about 2020 too: https://twitter.com/CGPeltier/status/1159547190936780801

Comment 13 Aug 2019
This is a bit misleading. The vendors of the products don't get your credit card info, just like if you buy something on eBay, the seller doesn't get your credit card info. DHgate facilitates the payment, not the seller.
Comment 11 Aug 2019
Again, not sure how you can predict a WR to a position he's never practiced at. Victor is an X, Mack has played X his whole career and is now practicing at Z.
Comment 11 Aug 2019
Starter (backups getting meaningful snaps) QB: Fields RB: Dobby (McCall, Teague) TE: Farrell (Berry, Rickert) X: Victor (Harris, Mack) Z: Mack (Olave, Wilson) H: Hill (Gill, Saunders) LT: Mumford LG: Jackson C: Myers RG: Davis RT: Bowen (NPF) DE: Young DT: Cornell (Landers, Togiai, Vincent) DT: Hamilton (Landers, Togiai, Vincent) DE: Cooper (Smith) SLB/Bullet: Werner and White (Browning, Wint) MLB: Borland (Mitchell) WLB: Harrison CB: Arnette (Banks) SAF: Fuller SAF: Wade who will move around a lot (Proctor, Pryor) CB: Okudah PR: Wilson KR: McCall
Comment 11 Aug 2019
Not sure you can predict Hill to Z when he's never practiced at the position.
Comment 10 Aug 2019
Yeah because these nerdy writers can decipher what plays and concepts are being run. Gotta keep that all under wraps. It's bad PR from Jerry. Last year's silly letter and this year's garbage media policy suck for fans, who just want to know how players are doing, not exactly trade secrets.
Comment 24 Jul 2019

 If he was good enough for Ohio State to offer a scholarship to 4 months ago, he's good enough to keep the scholarship offered now.

Danny Clark begs to differ. 

Comment 24 Jul 2019

It seems like both Gee Scott Jr., Lejond Cavazos, Jack Miller, and Darrion Henry are in a similar boat rankings-wise.

  • Gee dominated the camp circuit and has improved a lot as a player. They want to see a corresponding uptick on the field before moving him up more.
  • Lejond has an ideal build, athleticism, and has flashed at points in camps. They want to see him put it all together on the field.
  • Jack and Darrion had disappointing camp circuits (probably) because of injury. Darrion probably needs to show a little more athleticism too. If either dominates their senior years, they'll rise too.  
Comment 11 Jul 2019

I would say it's probably a longer shot than landing, say, Desmond Evans:

But there are times in recruiting when no matter what a team does, no matter what it has to offer, it’s just not enough. There are top prospects and their families that will just never truly give their full attention because they either prefer another school or don’t want to go away from home. Still, there are not many programs in the country that can get a door opened faster or wider than the Buckeyes.


Comment 10 Jul 2019

It me, a web detective.

Of course, I didn't mean to "out" him or steal his spotlight. Just thought with all of the rumors I'd check out the IMG roster and do some Googling. 

Comment 10 Jul 2019

Sorry, I wasn't entirely clear. I decided to look into whether there's another 6'2, 180ish lbs CB prospect named Eli Ricks out there that is now at IMG.

I stumbled upon this, which is a relatively low view Hudl, but has the transfer from Santa Ana/Mater Dei to IMG: https://wwe.hudl.com/profile/5675347/Eli-Ricks. Check the team history (left sidebar) and this video title he posted in 2017: http://wwe.hudl.com/v/29ksY0

Which is weird, because there's also this Hudl profile, which is 100x more popular but appears to be less detailed: https://www.hudl.com/profile/9408653/Ellas-Ricks

Comment 27 Jun 2019

I think the most likely usage is:

  • They're going to feed Dobbins 20-30 carries a game. 
  • If he stays healthy, they'll use McCall out of the backfield and motioning out in the passgame to create mismatches. 
  • Teague/Crowley will split carries once games are out of hand. Teague could get also get meaningful snaps when JK needs a breather. 
Comment 27 Jun 2019

Hail, I remember a time when there were loud chants for Mack/Victor to replace Campbell/Dixon/McLaurin.

Huh? They play different positions. Mack/Victor were Xs, McLaurin/Dixon were Zs, Campbell was an H. 

Any fan clamoring for one over the other was severely misinformed. Mack is only now starting to learn Z in addition to X.