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Comment 03 Dec 2014
I think the most contemptible thing about Brady Hoke was his motherbleeping voice. My god, it sounded two factory machines having intercourse with no lubrication.
Comment 17 Nov 2014
The D-line has to continue to improve against the run. If we have a hard time with Cobb, what will Gordon do if we face them in the big 10 championship?
Comment 13 Oct 2014
A couple years ago a friend and I went to scum to visit a friend and we went to ricks. A huge fight broke out between two meatchicken Bros and as soon as everything got really quiet my friend yelled out GO BUCKEYES! The fact that nobody even cared shows how terrible that program up north is. If somebody yelled go blue in ugly tuna somebody would end up in a ditch........
Comment 08 Sep 2014
I thought the same thing. VT was rushing 5 guys every time so there had to be some open holes through the center. There's no reason for a quarterback who can't throw the deep ball (yet) to be throwing the deep ball.
Comment 07 Sep 2014
I think most people forget (or try to forget) that just a few seasons ago we had braxton miller at the helm of a team that went 6-7. That group was young and inexperienced and i see a lot of the same things with this group. Barrett shows flashes of greatness, especially with running, but has to avoid keying in on his receiver and must make quicker decisions. The line looked solid for awhile but virginia tech's scheme became too much to handle for a group of guys with hardly any starts. The secondary did look improved last year. Yes, they did leave some gaping holes but I will give credit where credit is due. Their qb was always on the money and their receivers were diving for balls and making the difficult catches. I was just happy to see a little more fight in our backfield than what we saw last year. This will be a year of growing pains I'm sure. Luckily we have one of the easier big 10 schedules so we just need to put in the work and get better week in and week out
Comment 04 Aug 2014
I still can't help but believe that the o-line will be fine once the season comes. They're facing one of the best d-lines in the country on a daily basis in practice so improvement is surely guaranteed.
Comment 14 Jul 2014
My roommates and I would get the aircraft carrier from wings over and eat on that thing for a week. Our poor toilet........
Comment 01 Jul 2014

I ate 15 one time as part of a contest with the group I was with. NASTY!!! I had to stop at speedway to buy a gallon of water on the way home to counteract the salt mine that was in my body

Comment 17 May 2014
The big play potential is greatly dependent on the big guys up front. If our beef can't open up the holes or hold off a pass rush, then those guys mentioned above won't get much of a chance to make those big plays. We were pretty spoiled in this aspect last year. We're going to be young but I have faith we'll get it together quickly. We always do!
Comment 22 Apr 2014
I still wouldn't mind seeing an 8- team playoff. it seems recently there is one team that dominates the year and then there are another 5-6 teams that are in the talks of who is most deserving of a chance at playing that dominant team for the championship (that is if they can make it through the first two rounds). It may cut out SOME of the what-ifs and who doesn't mind another week of football.....I mean honestly
Comment 06 Feb 2014
I can't imagine what the opposing defensive coordinator will do when dontre wilson and Curtis samuel line up together in the backfield. I feel like I need to go watch an episode of Flash.........
Comment 12 Dec 2013
, Cash Rules Everything Around Me, C.R.E.A.M. Get that money. Dollar, dollar bill y'all. WU TANG CLAN AIN'T NUTTIN TO F*CK WITH!
Comment 29 Oct 2013
I completely agree with you. With the benchers in there, you have to put some confidence in those guys (which I think we did.considering Penn st. Kept most of their first team in the whole game and they still.couldn't stop us). It was great to see the younger linemen getting in there!
Comment 08 Sep 2013
I watched the illinois game and was very impressed. After seeing cincy destroy purdue last week I was expecting another blowout but illinois' offense was very efficient in their play calling and in their execution of the plays. I have always thought scheelhase (sp?) was a talented qb who just couldn't put it all together. He had it together yesterday, throwing some nice balls to get the win.
Comment 26 Aug 2013
I'm guessing the title of that song is "autumn's here"