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Comment 29 Dec 2019
Damn proud of all this team accomplished. They played their hearts out all year and left it all on the field. Yesterday's loss will feed this team going into next season and I would hate to be any team going against next year's Buckeye squad.
Comment 20 Nov 2019

42-17 Good guys.  The narrative has been pushing for a close game but I don't see it.  Franklin said he wants to go toe to toe with our big plays but he will find out that his team doesnt have the gas and against a hungry Chase Young.......Domination looms over the little kittens

Comment 28 Nov 2018

I will be there, heading down Saturday morning from Cbus. Trying to leave around 7AM and get there by 11 or so.  Not sure where I will be pregaming but I've heard basically every place gets packed by 2pm.  I know there are a lot of events going on that are included with your ticket.  Im just worried about Uber rates since im staying about 15 minutes from the stadium!

Comment 20 Nov 2018

I am going to go with 28-24 Good Guys Win.  My logic is that TTUN's offense is not built to properly exploit our glaring weaknesses on defense and our Offense is talented enough to air it out and make some plays

Comment 10 Dec 2016
Opinions aside, i wish him nothing but the best of luck. He bridged this program in the midst of serious turmoil and i will never forget it. Will be sad to see him go but hes earned it ten fold
Comment 11 Sep 2016
As much as I'm liking Hooker as an all around playmaker and more importantly a bolt of lightening in terms of energy and enthusiasm, I regrettably do not believe we should use him on offense. I have no doubt he would make a fine offensive weapon and would distract opposing defences, especially an unsuspecting Oklahoma squad. The weird reality is that we have SO many playmaker on this team offensively dare I say more so than last year...maybe not in terms of singular star power, but this team is way deeper than the nation knows. We hear in buckeye nation know our depth and potential.....but the point I'm trying to make (besides the fact that I don't belive in paragraphs or overall grammatical correctness lol) is that there is no need to add him to the offensive scheme even as a decoy. We need to continue to build on the early season chemistry which alebiet will change through the course of the season but don't add unnecessary additions. I would also like to add the I truly wish hooker played corner for the potential puns alone....Okay now im out of beer....
Comment 10 Sep 2016
Overall the team played much better in the second half. I was a bit worried with our OL early on....kind of seemed sluggish and slow off the snap but we're able to overpower in the second. The DL needs some work for sure. Losing Sprinkle is tough but the adjustments will be made I have faith in Larry Johnson. Loving me some Curtis Samuel dudes a beast. Looking forward to next week! Go bucks
Comment 21 Sep 2015

These responses aren't as bad as I'd imagined.....Obviously its a completely crackpot theory and I would in no way encourage anyone to take stock in it, (that damn bong again!!!)..but what if? Lol

To me, at the very least Meyer will use these poor performances as a spring board to success.  Have no fear, its a good time to be a Buckeye and the goods times are rolling

Comment 11 Feb 2015

1, 2, Urban's coming for you

3, 4, better lock your door

5, 6, there's gonna be wounds to lick

7, 8, better study late

9, 10, *ichigan will never win again

No one has it better than us!!!!

Comment 09 Jan 2015

My bold predictions

Mariotta throws 2 picks

Bosa causes a fumble

Michael Thomas scores two touchdowns