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Comment 15 Nov 2019

Unfortunately haven't heard back from GIBS_STI--Eli (or anyone else) if you see this, they are yours if you want them. Shoot me a follow up email. 

Comment 14 Nov 2019

Gene Smith is the best AD in the country outside of maybe Bernard Muir at Stanford. His ability to hire the right coaches in primary programs, secondary programs, and tertiary programs is unmatched. The lack of bowl ban after 6-6 is the one blemish on his resume, and that is ancient history. 

Comment 14 Nov 2019

Paging GIBS_STI--I want to honor our deal!!! Have other interested parties reaching out. Please reply in here or send me an email by 9:00am tomorrow morning or will move to others! Sorry--game is next Saturday so can't sit on them. 

Comment 14 Nov 2019

Exactly. Pantoni has said that sweet spot for recruiting OL is actually slightly *under* 300lbs because they want to beef them up the right way. 

Comment 12 Nov 2019

Mine weren't...but honestly mobile tix makes it much easier to transfer if needed. You get season tix? I'm just a 'sustaining' alumni so get single game tix. 

Comment 10 Nov 2019

Hey--sorry know I posted my Penn State tix for $250 previously, but with nobody offering at that initially back in October (and unfortunately I didn't check the thread until now), market has accelerated. Sorry to reneg on that price if you are still looking for some. Now $270/each. Cheapest I have seen in B deck on SeatGeek/Ticketmaster is $296 each (Cheapest in 28B on SeatGeek is $325) so still much better than market value. Shout if you or anyone else is interested. 

Comment 10 Nov 2019

I think they may take 3 in 2021, depending on how Mitchell Melton comes in and is evaluated. Birm and others have speculated he could move down to WDE. 

Comment 08 Nov 2019

Xavier Thomas' dad got a house right after getting out of prison. Booster bought his power washing 'business' from him. What business was he running from jail?

Comment 08 Nov 2019

Not panicking a single bit. Fleming is solid and PSU wants to believe Hamler changes the game when he doesn't.

As someone else mentioned...Franklin is gone to USC anyway

Comment 07 Nov 2019

Guys, do you think this is something I want? Literally wish LJ would coach until he was 85. Replacing the GOAT is going to suck. I like Kenny and hope he will fill in adequately. But it is coming sooner rather than later and is relevant for recruiting so wanted to mention/discuss my rationale for wanting to squeeze another DL talent in the class. 

Comment 07 Nov 2019

Asked BG in his chat today, if he was a betting man how long he thought LJ would coach:

How about he goes one more year? Packs it in after the 2020 season. Total 100% guess.