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Comment 10 Sep 2017

I cannot imagine how fucking easy it is for an opposing defensive coordinator to prepare and coach against our offense. Our offense seriously looks like a Division 5 high school offense. It's absolutely pathetic and it's embarrassing. I REALLLLY wish I could be a fly in the wall in some of these meetings when we play legitimate teams. Their defensive staffs seriously have to laugh their asses off at how impotent we are. We pose absolutely no threat to a legit team. It's so disappointing

Comment 10 Sep 2017

For real question here. Do we actually ever make ANY in game adjustments on offense? Any? Urban wants to sit back and say oh yeah I want 50% running 50% passing plays. First of all, our passing attack is garbage. Second of all, why in the FUCK does it matter? You take what the defense gives you! You exploit weaknesses! I don't give a damn about the stats or any of that! Go with what works and put some fucking points on the board! I just feel like we get the run-around with this bullshit ass offense. But what do I know! I'm not a coach! So I'll just shut up! 

Comment 25 Jan 2017

Tim Beck had twice the amount of time to get his unit to where it should be. The judge shouldn't reach a verdict until Stud's 2017 campaign has no improvement. 

Comment 25 Jan 2017

5 years into the Urban Meyer era, you wouldn't think we would have these issues since Urban has always said that Ohio State is an offensive-line driven program. Where did it all go wrong? The 2013 team had the best OL in the country, the 2014 team minus the V Tech game was great, then it's just kind of.. went downhill. I remember the days of running all over whoever we wanted and Braxton having all day to find Philly Brown open and JT/Cardale having all day to throw a bullet to Devin Smith or Michael Thomas. That was barely over 2 years ago. Feels like 10.