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Comment 16 Apr 2019

There's a huge problem with old churches and modern construction workers.  The latter are used to working with materials that aren't basically kindling.  It just takes one careless welder, or malfunctioning power tool and poof.

Do note that while still old, almost all of the religious art was destroyed by the french revolution.  The cathedral wasn't what we now know until around 1860 when it was rebuilt/restored.

Comment 25 Mar 2019

Man, you guys sound like my son every time he does something dangerous and I tell him not to do it again.  "But Dad, I did I backflip off of the roof once and didn't get hurt!  That clearly means it isn't dangerous!"

Lots of people do things with low chance of positive outcome and get lucky.  The lottery is predicated on this behavior.  It doesn't mean that OSU's med team was wrong for telling Dean that he shouldn't play football.

Comment 05 Mar 2019

Sure, but the smart play for AZ is to try to get Murray later in the draft.

Comment 15 Jan 2019

I thought this was going to be about UM hiring and firing a coach connected to the Nassar gymnastics scandal over the course of a single weekend:


Comment 13 Jan 2019

Tathan Martell and Rent That Llama are anagrams.

Comment 31 Dec 2018

There was a quote last week where it was mentioned how this past year Day was in charge of the passing game, and Wilson was in charge of the running game.  Anyone have the link handy?

Comment 05 Dec 2018

The biggest problem with this is that football games are massive enterprises, requiring lots of lead time to staff and set up.  Ken Pomeroy has argued for this for years for BB where it totally makes sense.  (His algorithm pairs teams both by skill level and geography, making for extra exciting matches.)  You could maybe get the logistics to work by pre-scheduling the home and away sites, but that limits your matchups even more.

Plus, you'd never get 'bama coming north in November.

Comment 28 Nov 2018

I would put money on the fact that Schiano is gone after this year.  If he can't find a good HC job, he might "retire".  Grinch is here to coach, and he's not going to sit behind Schiano forever.

Comment 19 Nov 2018

Dabo had Rex Ryan's son on the team as a long snapper and supposedly encouraged RR to wear Clemson gear on camera as much as possible.   He is indeed no fool.

I guarantee that Dabo will spin this to recruits as "Look, even a Buckeye insider is avoiding Meyer's sinking ship".

Comment 19 Nov 2018

I don't know how much harassment he had.  It did seem like he could have just moved "for travel ease" and avoided any sort of issue.  But I do know that he was petty and thin skinned when he got Torg fired.