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Going to tOSU was among the greatest decisions I ever made. Live in NYC. Flaneur. Former corporate executive - hated every evil moment, kind of enjoyed the perks. Entrepreneur, highly overused term especially by delusional wankers. I like life. Life likes me.

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Comment 23 Oct 2019

I am hopeful that we keep Day for at least 9 more years, as I am very confident he will beat SCUM every year and in the ninth, the record will tip to our favor.

I would also like to see the stain of the 86-0 SCUM victory in 1902 expunged with our team thumping them even worse, you know, for the kids.

Comment 18 Jul 2019

It is a nice feeling to sense that if we beat UM badly enough this year that alone might get Harbaugh gone. I think the feelings are so strong and frustrated and desperate - and familiar to someone who lived through the Cooper era - that even if UM won every other game and lost by 21 to us they'd boot him.

Comment 18 Jun 2019

I can't help but hope that somewhere in the solution to the problem of that one bad loss that bedeviled Meyer the last few years is in the chemistry that Day can put together in recruiting. I trust the staff at this point in developing talent, well at least until they don't, but clearly there was something about either the motivating scheme Meyer used or the chemistry or leadership of the team that produced those sad let downs that we suffered.

Comment 14 May 2019

Until Saban retires, and until that program slumps, there is Alabama and everyone else. 8/10 is ridiculous dominance, let alone the championships feeding that cycle, and more impressively, in part because it has been our bane, is the lack of bad losses to inferior teams and the toleration of underperforming coaches. Lots of lessons to be learned from Saban. Hopefully Day sees that too.

I am not sure Dabo replaces Saban at Alabama, because I am not sure kids down there wouldn't go to Clemson if Alabama fades post-Saban. I know that while they are a recruiting hotbed the sport overall is much national than it has ever been in terms of the elite kids that fire programs to the highest performance. 

If Day is everything we hope for, if he can replicate Meyer's level of performance, no reason why tOSU can't be in competition for top five classes every year. To break through though Day will need to avoid those costly mistakes that kept Meyer from ever delivering on all the hype of "It's a Meyer/Saban world" and "multiple national championships" - we've seen how being unable to either keep your team in games they should easily win or keeping coaches that perform like garbage are program crippling decisions.

Comment 22 Mar 2019

I am curious as to the other schools Avery thinks are first rank at developing QB talent.

FWIW - the thing I am most hopeful comes out of Ryan Day's program is not perpetuating the culture of that ONE crippling loss every year that sidetracked the program seemingly every year despite Meyer's best efforts after those two lossless initial seasons

Comment 22 Feb 2019

Hopefully Day saw the downside to Meyer's approach as well - the epic losses to weak teams that stymied our title hopes in several years. Getting high performance out of your squad week-after-week is critical - so is avoiding fall-off, especially against teams that you out gun at every position. Those losses were heartrending for fans and I am sure no fun for players and coaches.

The answer isn't, and never was, in Meyer's undergrad psych degree (you do know that psych is among the most popular degrees and that an undergrad degree conveys no special ability) - it was in Meyer's unique style. When the bar is Alabama you can't have out-of-character losses and self-inflicted wounds.

Comment 30 Jan 2019

Hard to get over the collapse of that 2015 team, throw in the 2016 team too. Failure on the part of Meyer in his hiring and management. 

Comment 18 Jan 2019

There are some really predictable things that happen in social media in response to things that happen in real life or just in social media - and the behavior of fan communities is, within that context pretty predictable. I find it very odd that so few buckeye fans acknowledge that we do behave much like other fan bases, in some cases using exactly the same language, in some cases people who ill gleefully say malicious things about someone will virtuously chime in on thread about restraint - come on people - at least have some self awareness.

And yes, the chiding guy is also a social media phenomenon.

Comment 18 Jan 2019

When I see highly touted recruits that were screened, evaluated, and desired by the coaching staff but fail to perform up to expectations that is very concerning. I am especially concerned when it happens multiple times in a position group. 

Obviously some kids don't work out for a variety of reasons, and some positions are harder to project than others, but still  - how many highly ranked LBs have we seen recently that are mere bench warmers despite, in some cases, five star ratings.

I am SO glad that we've replaced the staff in this area - I know if I have a group that is underperforming the last thing I think of is it must be problem people as opposed to management problems.

Comment 18 Jan 2019

Keep in mind this kid was HOTLY pursued by Meyer - was talked into coming to OSU over other high profile positions - he put in the work, competed and lost to Dwayne and stayed strong and supportive, we've all seen the sideline videos of his involvement with the team, congratulating players, and his social media support for Haskins in pursuit of the Heisman speaks for itself.

Keep in mind he is basically the same height as Murray and Bradford, and was a true legend at the high school level playing what was regarded as the toughest schedule in the country. 

I can't fault the kid for having an ego - he earned it. 

What I can do is puzzle over WTH happened in the time between the Rose Bowl and his sudden transfer that so embittered him and left him severing his relationships with the program and his former teammates.

I am not ready to simply blame it all on this kid. Shit happens, something probably did here, I am sure it was complicated but the easy answer of throwing this kid under the bus is wrong.