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Long time fan of the Buckeyes, can remember various items like the tp in scum colors and the nasty words about the team up north. No love for Bo, worship of Woody. First game was back in the 80s watching my boy Punky P as a freshman at LB. numerous others since including up in Minny, out in Cali, over in Tempe and at the shoe for quite a few. Bleed scarlet and grey!


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Dad and I in Tempe and Sun Devil Stadium to see the Ohio State Buckeyes win the National Title over the Canes. Was better than any game I could have imagined and it was shared with my idol and the guy I respect the most in the world, my father.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Eddie George, Orlando Pace and Antoine Winfield
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Jimmy Jackson & Perry Carter
  • NFL TEAM: Loved the Raiders until they took Dud over Eddie
  • NHL TEAM: CBJ when I get to see them
  • NBA TEAM: The Bulls of Jordan, the Lakers of Magic. Cavs
  • MLB TEAM: Reds and Indians
  • SOCCER TEAM: OSU, the Crew, Manchester United

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Comment 16 May 2020

How has this held up? My Weber, built during the 2007 NCAA Basketball tourney, has reached its end of life and I’m doing my research. Amazingribs.com gives it Platinum as they did the new Genesis II. Looking at the Sidekick griddle over the sear attachment as I’ve been eyeing a small Blackstone too. 

Comment 15 May 2020

Thanks! I’ve seen where he has a spot if he decides and can take his time but not a decision date. Just seems like a lot of smoke.

Comment 24 Sep 2018

Black and red is back in fashion on a Sunday. Solid for the sport and makes it worth watching again. New studs will be a challenge but Tiger made/is making it fun to watch again. May be the “winner” part but golf needed a draw to make it relevant again. DJ, Brooks, the Justins, an older Ricky..... none have captured the interest as much as he has. Looking forward to the Ryder Cup in spite of Phil. 

Nope, not a Phil fan; dude has/had all the talent all of us hacks wished we did but never made himself the potential athlete Tiger did. Body plus game equals Tiger. Talent is all he used and that is frustrating. New generation are specimens for the most part. And I forgot Rory as he has made himself into the safety that Tiger looked like, just like most of the others.

Comment 23 Sep 2018

1. Correct. We have a slight anomaly at the QB position with DH but MB and the potential recruits are exciting. UFM needs to adapt the offensive philosophy.

2. Looks like the flow is changing. Miller is more DH than JTB

3. On topic and while cryptic, your posts have a certain gleaning of information to them. Would prefer you redact them a bit but to each their own


Comment 28 Apr 2018

Winner, winner. You got a Price/Hubbard winnner! Price fits 3 positions and is supposed to be ready; great pick. Hubbard is a Cincy boy; save that money living at home and wow, own the NFL! Love that pick!!! Hometown plus a Buckeye; bring it Northern Kentucky! You will lose just like ND lacrosse

Comment 28 Apr 2018

Lol, but they are all “winners”! Just an OH fan but he needs to win 8 games before I sway. Love the Ward pick but.... plant that effing flag when you win more than a couple games as #28 or 29. Will be interesting to see if the third/fourth is actually the savior. Gum chomping is not a quality I prefer 

Comment 28 Apr 2018

An OH fan so why didn’t Marvin take him? Would’ve traded up but the “mentor” could’ve replaced Bernard. Maybe Mixon is legit? 

Guess the Bud Junior took over

Comment 28 Apr 2018

Double win; both “bad habits” are from damn fine folks. Might be biased but no better combo. Doubles with relish and double mustard. Chips... BBQ might be a step better alone. Plain win at the home of the slider