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Comment 25 Jan 2017

Christmas in January. Thanks to Heaven above.  The only good part of his broadcast was his open...after that...noise...his anti Ohio State comments were so obvious.  Only wish he would have been relegated to the SEC years before.  I do have to admit the he and Jesse Palmer were a perfect fit.  Both are ass waffles.   Now all we have to do is get CBS to fire Phil Simms. What exactly does CBS have against Jim Nantz.  Pairing him with Phil "I can't finish a sentence" Simms.  As soon as the NFL is over, Jim Nantz and Bill Rafferty in March Madness.  Rafferty is HORRIBLE.  Back to Brent...this day could not have come soon enough.

Comment 13 Dec 2016

make a tee with a picture of Jmmy with his really "cool" birth control glasses have have it read

Coach George McFly

Comment 13 Dec 2016

hard to top 85 yards through the heart of the south...but...NAILED IT!!!



Comment 21 Nov 2016

DJ, Buckeye & 11 W Nation, it is the week we all wait for.   I don't often post, but please give your thoughts.  The dropping of the M, TTUN, TSUN, I say we add another permanent acronym to the mix. AASW,,Ann Arbor Skunk Weasels. I admit it does flow as freely as TTUN, but there isn't an M in sight. 

Jim Harbaugh's desperate, feeble, and pathetic attempts to garner attention to his program are nothing more than annoying.   I suggest a long look at one of his latest attempts.  The glasses.  It is not only a STRONG argument for a nationwide campaign on birth control, but are we not looking at the 2016 version of GEORGE MC FLY.   COACH GEORGE MC FLY, it has a nice ring too it.

Comment 07 Oct 2015

Ramzy...you speak words of wisdom...and for a great many of Buckeye Nation...words of reassurance....The Ohio State University has Urban Meyer walking the sidelines....the rest of the Big 10 and yes the .."bow when you say SEC and Nick Saban"  DOES NOT.