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Comment 21 Sep 2019

As much as I might not like how everything went down with him in Pittsburgh - he did pay for their new field from what I've heard!  Props to him for that!

Comment 10 Jun 2019

I'm just here to see if anyone has commented on DJ Byrnes yet - Zach Smith had a little fun at his expense today on his podcast!  Very interesting - glass houses people, glass houses!

Comment 26 Mar 2019

Thanks for the 2:41 I'll never get back - actually about 20 seconds (Grandstaff) ... what a shit show!

Comment 19 Mar 2019

I do - I hope they run the damn table and play for it all!  We showed no devotion to him when he wanted to commit here to begin with?  Where'd Fields commit?  Not here!  So, I'm supposed to support Fields because he's a supposedly a 5 star and wants to come here NOW?  Screw that shit!  He didn't even wanna come here when Urban was here!  LOL!  Transfer where someone wants ya and appreciates ya - go for it!

Comment 19 Mar 2019

Tells you all you need to know folks - see all these Buckeye fans calling "a kid" Tathan?  And laughing about it?  Thus - the reason I don't really care for too many people who sport the scarlet and gray!  They look up and see Fields (someone we know not a damn thing about) and see a 5 star and that's all that matters!  Fuckin sad ... I hope they run the table!  All I know is Martell WANTED to come here - Fields?  NOPE!  Hell, that's when we had Urban too!  What a joke!

Comment 19 Mar 2019

Obviously, if he's outside shooting off guns and acting like a fool I'm glad they arrested him.  What REALLY concerns me though is the amount of cameras and surveillance going on - I vaguely remember after 911 everyone stating "we can't let them change our way of life"!  Welp - too late!  Reminds me of that movie "Enemy of the State"!  I don't know ... just think it's a little out of control anymore.