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Comment 03 Jan 2019
The Al Washington news is tremendous! I'm trying to picture in my mind what kind of procedure would have to occur to permit the former UM coach into the Woody Hayes Athletic Center for the 1st time. I'm imagining something along the lines of him being stripped down and handed a match to ignite all of his piss Maize and Blue gear in a bonfire at the door. Dragged naked toward the OSU/UM countdown clock and having some kind of ritualistic cleansing performed. I'm guessing it will be kept all nice and quiet. An in house initiation that we will probably never be privy to.
Comment 30 Dec 2018
I think that defense takes a huge step backwards next season. I'm not sure if all of their underclassmen have declared their NFL intentions, but color me unimpressed with the product they produced against Florida. It's very obvious they have poor depth with a huge drop off in talent when a starter is out.