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Comment 22 Aug 2019
IMO he's the #2 to JK's #1. What I mean by that is if JK were to get injured and miss an entire game, you wouldn't see McCall as the #1. I think you'd still see him as the #2, but with Marcus or Master as the #1. If that makes sense. Because I agree that I don't know if he can take the beating of 20 carries. But 5? He's dynamic and can handle that kind of a load.
Comment 19 Aug 2019
Typically you would have a near equal number of offensive and defensive guys, but I could see 5 captains with only a single offensive guy. One being KJ Hill, but then Young (he's been said to be the vocal leader on defense), Cooper, Tuf, and Fuller.
Comment 16 Aug 2019
I almost did, but I scanned some of the threads there and thought maybe that forum was more for technical site issues.
Comment 15 Aug 2019
He technically said going forward. As in, not Day now compared to Urban the past 5 years. But Day now compared to if Urban we're still coach.
Comment 31 Jul 2019

Unless Zachary Evans goes there and GA takes the gamble of losing Milton because they see Evans as that much better.  But if no Evans, then no flipping.  Agreed.

Comment 28 Jul 2019
You must not travel much if you think 3 hours round-trip is a deal breaker when it comes to flying. Driving? Yes, because driving an extra 3 hours sucks. But flying? The most annoying part is the travel to the airport and security. That's not part of the equation since there's no difference for a 4 hour flight or 5.5 hour flight.
Comment 24 Jul 2019

I mean, for me it's 11-1 if the question is asked from our side if it means that OSU is still in the playoff (either because they still go to the B1G Championship game or because they go straight to the playoff at 11-1).  If it knocks them out of the playoff completely, then it's tough.  Probably go 8-4 with a win.

Comment 23 Jul 2019
Bax is unbearable. I think he's actually a good guy in real life, but as an OSU online personality he makes me want to pull my hair out.
Comment 22 Jul 2019
Quite literally the opposite. Was in reply to "Yep, then we saw him coach." You can blame 11W's posting structure where it stops indenting to show who you're replying to after a few replies.
Comment 21 Jul 2019
I'm all for Wyatt Davis, NPF, and Bowen splitting time nearly equally at the 2 right spots. We've never seen it at OSU, at least under Urban, but I've seen that elsewhere. At least at MSU I remember that.
Comment 19 Jul 2019

You truly think Derrick Henry ran a 4.3 in HS, yet somehow slowed all the way down to 4.54 at his pro combine?  Like, that's seriously your stance?  Maybe, and this is a crazy theory, he actually didn't run a 4.3 in HS.  Crazy thought, so you're probably right.

Comment 18 Jul 2019
4.6 is elite for a back his size. I could see him like a Derrick Henry type player. Big bodied, good speed. Maybe not capable of being a Zeke type elite back, but likely to be at a minimum very good. Probably a higher floor than Bijan, but lower ceiling.
Comment 08 Jul 2019
We're talking about a true freshman. If he were putting up those numbers as a sophomore or junior, I'd agree. But if he puts up 2k yards and 17 TDs next year and 2.5k yards and 20 TDs as a junior.... I don't care what team he plays for. He's playing in the B1G, not the MAC. He's going against B1G defenses.
Comment 08 Jul 2019

I think I found where we differ.  I don't believe that you are limited to a single person being a generational player at a given time.  That's like saying Ronaldo and Messi are not both generational talents.  And that's just absolutely absurd.  It's like saying LBJ and KD are both not generational talents.  

Moore had the exact same stats as a freshman as Bush had as a sophomore.  That's crazy.  But let's see what he does next year as a sophomore.  Maybe he plateaus. 

Comment 08 Jul 2019

Reggie Bush is deemed a generational talent.  He had 2,200 and 18 all-purpose yards and TDs during his breakout Heisman year.  Watching Rondale Moore, you can see the uniqueness in his game to where I do believe he can be that kind of guy.  I could see 2,500 yards, 20 TDs as a junior.  And if he does that, that is generational.

Comment 08 Jul 2019
He basically had 1,500 and 15 all-purpose yards and TD's as a true freshman. Maybe it's too early to call him a generational talent, but it's not outrageous to say he could be that.
Comment 01 Jul 2019
What is not laughable is there being a number of wins required to keep the train moving and not lose kids. This is due to it being Day's first year and there being a degree of uncertainty. What is laughable is 11 wins being not good enough. Keep in mind, you're talking about 11 wins not being enough through 12-13 games. The bowl games are after signing day. I think 9-3 is MAYBE a spot where it could affect recruiting. But even 10-2 won't have an effect on the class.
Comment 01 Jul 2019
I'll dislike GSW as long as Durant (check) or Green (maybe next off-season) are off the team. So I agree, I can't root for them next year, but I could see myself rooting for them if Green is ultimately off the team. And I could see myself rooting for them if Russell blows up and thrives and is the clear #2 best player on their team.