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Born and raised in Massillon, Ohio. Graduated from Canton Central Catholic High School. Moved to Columbus in 1991 and it has been my home ever since!


  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2014/15 Undisputed National Title VS Oregon 42-20!
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Eddie George, Cardale Jones

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Comment 03 Dec 2019

So, somebody took a lot of time out of their evening to downvote every single comment 1 time at the beginning of this comment thread. Whoever you are **cough, michigan fan **cough***  I hope it was worth it and I'm sorry you have nothing more positive in your life than to waste it doing that. I also see that you gave up halfway through, much like TTUN does every time we play them! Go ahead and downvote this one as well if you're still reading. Oh, no you left. Couldn't keep reading all the joy, eh?

Comment 02 Dec 2019

So, I did some reading of their boards over the past few days and I have to say that these people are truly delusional on so many levels I actually feel bad for them. It isn't even just about football, really. They have this notion that their program doesn't cheat or "pay players" to recruit them and the only way for them to ever beat us would be to start doing dishonest things like that. Then there's the comments about how shitty Ohio is and especially Columbus... Um, have they read the news where Columbus was voted the #1 city in the WORLD? How anyone could compare Detroit to Columbus and come out thinking they are better off there is just insane. I will concede that parts of Michigan are beautiful and their lakes are crystal clear, I love paddling up in Traverse City, for example, but that is closer to Michigan State so they really can't even claim that!

In the end, it's all just a bunch of desperation talk to make themselves feel better and I get it. I am old enough to remember the Cooper years and I did grow up in Massillon which is a town that has basically nothing good about it BUT football, so yeah, I understand. You have to make your own pride when you have nothing else. But at some point you have to realize the only way out of your own delusion is to try and see reality for once and admit you have been fooling yourself. 

Comment 02 Dec 2019

My take on this is they did use film from The Game last year to prepare every week since that very day. They got it so ingrained in their heads they probably forgot to adjust by watching film from this season until the week before. So all that talk about "they'd better be careful" was based entirely on last year's film and it's too funny and almost sad.

Comment 20 Nov 2019

I was in high school when INXS was doing all that. Yep, Gen-X here. It does kinda suck seeing songs from your era become advertisements, but I guarantee it will happen to you too - lest you think I'm just old and complaining.

Comment 19 Nov 2019

In my humble opinion, the team was fired up against Maryland because of the situation with Chase. That attitude dropped a bit for Rutgers and made it harder for the team to translate into the energy needed on the road. Now, with Chase coming back as fired up as one can imagine him being, coupled with PSU coming into town and all the excitement of an unprecedented media presence at the 'Shoe? God help any QB in his way!

Comment 16 Nov 2019

I am glad the muffed punt and all the dropped snaps happened in this game. Get those mistakes out when you're playing Rutgers and don't have as big of a consequence. I know the play wasn't as exciting to watch but it looked to me like the goal was to keep everyone healthy while staying undefeated. Done and done!

Comment 15 Nov 2019

This team is so fun to watch, and that is what it comes down to for me. Just keep winning baby!

Also, love that internet archive article. I gave up on vinyl back in 87 when I got my first CD player. But this past week, in fact, I bought myself a new turntable and have some vintage vinyl on its way to me now from ebay as I decided to get back into it full swing. So it's nice to see the vinyl collection they are digitizing, although I already see some gems that are missing. I am looking forward to listening to my Iron Maiden on vinyl and I also ordered a vintage Pink Floyd - The Wall (which was not cheap).

Comment 12 Nov 2019

I think we'll all agree that LSU deserves #1, however we all should also recognize the flawed logic behind this. Why is Alabama considered such a big win this season? Who have they really beaten so far this year and why were they ranked so high to begin with?

But yes, based on subjective reasoning, LSU deserves #1 for beating a "High ranked Alabama team".