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Born and raised in Massillon, Ohio. Graduated from Canton Central Catholic High School. Moved to Columbus in 1991 and it has been my home ever since!


  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2014/15 Undisputed National Title VS Oregon 42-20!
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Comment 20 Apr 2019

Love JT, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel like he stayed a year too long. There was no way Urban was going to bench JT but DH was clearly ready to take over as starter that season and I almost wonder if it would have helped JT in his NFL journey in some ways. Guess we'll never know though. Not sure in the end it would have made a difference in terms of what happens this season.

Comment 18 Apr 2019

True, it could be a bluff to make Ryan Day sweat a bit. Honestly I don't know why Coach Day wouldn't play both of these guys at certain times, or at least promise one of them a specific package of plays like Urban did with Tate. It at least kept Tate from walking last season.

Comment 18 Apr 2019

Wow, kinda blown away because I didn't see any breakout lead by either of them, but in the end you want to keep a QB with confidence and clearly he didn't have enough to stay in the QB battle, or the patience to wait his turn. Presumably other QB's will enter the portal and we can get a decent backup but gone are the days where your Kenny or Cardale would stick around and be there for you. Wonder if Martell wishes he'd stayed now?

Comment 10 Apr 2019

Since I grew up in Massillon and am old enough ( I was 11 in 1983) that I can share a bit of the history behind Spielman getting on the wheaties box. Chris was a hero in Massillon. I didn't even go to public school there but everyone in town knew who he was. In fact, I subbed for a friend of the family's paper route and actually delivered The Evening Independant for a week to Chris and family, but I digress... Kind of out of the blue, Wheaties decided they were going to put a high school athlete on the box. I don't know exactly how it started but it was like wildfire once enough word got around. Everyone in Massillon was fired up to get Chris on that box cover. You had to buy wheaties to get the box tops to send in your votes, but you could vote as often as you wanted - this sparked the entire town to sell out every grocery store in the area on a weekly basis. They could not keep Wheaties on the shelves but the stores knew what was going on too so after a week or so they made sure they had pallets of Wheaties available for everyone to get their hands on them.

Once we all put in our votes we had a shit ton of Wheaties and, well, lets face it - you get tired of Wheaties week after week. So the ladies in town put out a recipe book that had dozens of things you could make with your Wheaties and it sold really well at all the local gatherings in town.

By the time Wheaties announced Chris won the contest by a landslide we were all pretty sick of Wheaties but it was an amazing thing knowing that our entire town banded together like that.

The irony is that when the box came out with him on it, we all had to buy even more Wheaties and of course it's a major collectors item if you're from Massillon. So imagine the disappointment at first when Chris announced he wanted to go to Michigan! Thankfully his Dad talked some sense into him!

Comment 14 Mar 2019

I am old enough to have watched Ohio itself embrace imports in other areas. For example, I remember a time in the 80's when the idea of a Honda plant was sacrilege but they are one of the largest employers in Ohio now and many consider that to be a thing to be proud of in Ohio - (and what did GM do for Ohio in this same time period?)

In fact, Ohio actually grows best with imports from other states. We have all kinds of people moving here who make the place better (usually). So it's a surprise that it actually took Ohio State this long to have some of the same transitions.

Comment 11 Jan 2019

When I first saw the news about him entering the transfer portal I thought maybe he was bluffing just to get Coach Day's attention. But after seeing in the skully this morning that he's all but removed anything about Ohio State from his Twitter bio... yeah, he gone. 

It's a shame cause I like him and would've liked to have seen what more he could do, plus I've only seen the highlight reel of Fields and, while extremely impressive, just have no idea how he will pan out and wanted to have Tate as a solid backup option if nothing else. 

Oh well, good luck Tathan. Can't blame him for wanting to play.

Comment 18 Dec 2018

This all points to TV ratings but the networks should seriously consider getting certain high schools to get into this contract game too. Think about a nationally televised matchup of Massillon VS McKinley or some of those big Texas high schools that have similar rivalries and big stadiums. I bet there's more of a market than people might think for that and some of these high schools could actually make money for their schools. That is one sure way to keep Friday Nights High School football nights!

Comment 02 Dec 2018

Wow. Prior to this I did not fall for a lot of the tinfoil hat stuff about the bias against tOSU. But after winning a championship against a top 25 team last night, putting up 499 yards of offense and they put a 2 loss team in over top of them? Total BS. I was willing to accept the top 4 as-is but the fact that they decided to stick Georgia where they did is just flat out wrong and blatantly anti Ohio State. They will not be getting my views on any of their shit games this season. After the Rose Bowl I am done with college football!

Comment 02 Dec 2018

Here is my take. The "I plan to coach" could very well be based on an upcoming, off-season surgery to put in a shunt. I recall reading about his condition and a shunt is a very common procedure when the initial surgery (which he had in 2014) to drain the cyst does not continue to relieve the pressure. Patients with shunts can lead totally normal lives but it's still brain surgery, so he very well could be stating that he plans to coach but there is always a possibility that complications make it so he can't.

Another possibility is he plans to coach in 2019 and then have the surgery. But I'm not sure if he'd want to live another year or more without relief. I get migraines from time to time and I wanna die from the pain some days, so I can sympathize with him to some extent but usually my migraines amount to a muscle tension type of pain. I cannot even imagine what a brain pressure headache must feel like.

So there is my take. Either way, Thank you Urban!

Comment 02 Dec 2018

Ohio State obliterated their rival, a top 7 team.

That is my biggest complaint here. TTUN was ranked 4th when we obliterated them. That should have been enough to jump OU last week. Same time NU actually went down in ranking after a friggin' win!?!? 

Comment 28 Nov 2018

I'm colorblind, or just color misguided, but looks like a purple car (NW), Blue (TTUN) and Green (TTUN State) all trailing. PSU nowhere to be seen back in the whiteout cloud of dust! Most appropriate poster yet! Love it!