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Comment 14 Aug 2017

J.T's problems started w/Beck & wasn't helped by Warinner.  Because Cardale won very very important games J.T. was benched, alternated, inside the 20 QB.  Look at his record when he started 'til his injurty his R-Frosh yr when Brax went down.  How manyOSU & BIG did he set.  W/Day & Wilson it will be great w/tempo fantastic.  Go Bucks!!! can't wait 'til 31st!

Comment 22 Jun 2016

TTUN picked Green the #1 RB a couple of yrs ago, he wanted to be a buckeye, we took some unknown named Elliott.  Green is 3rd string at TTUN & Zeke's in the NFL!  Hairball (or Hoke in this case) takes who ever they can get based mostly it seems on rankings not visually seeing the kid.  Having 39 camps in June is a joke when he should be recruiting & developi9g the kids on campus even if he has limited allowable time.  No way will they ever match Urb in recruiting.  Urb is getting talent so deep in every group that it scares the hell out of the BIG & probably the SEC!  Go Bucks!!!!

Comment 27 Apr 2016

Planting flags all over the country!  What a great time to be a Buckeye!  Can't even image what's going to happen after the draft!  So mqany to choose from & so little room (as of now).  The Future is not only Bright at tOSU but getting brighter & brighter.  Though it seems TTUN has offered every recruit that breathes.  Every article on any player that lists schools they offered.  Looks like Hairball could have another disaster on his hands dropping kids 1 wk before NSD.     GO BUCKS!!!!

Comment 12 Apr 2016

BrutusB, you are so right.  The coaches don't give a damn about the services ratings just what they see in person & on film.  A.J. Hawk & Little Animal were both 3*.  They had fairly good careers at OSU!  It also goes with how they fit our system.  We all knew the '17 class was going to turn away some elite players.  Plus if memory serves me right we have only 4 & 5* commits except for the #2 punter in the country!  And Punters & kickers are only given 2* by most all services regardless of how much they impact a game.      GO BUCKS!!!!!  Will the season ever start?!

Comment 01 Apr 2016

If Urb has Young above Kaindoh then let's go get him.  Think everything w/J.K. will be fine, he's going to stick w/tOSU.  Anyone know what's happening w/People-Jones?  Still like to see 3 receivers in the class.  Just don't know where all the attrition is coming from.  Bishop Gorman becoming a pipeline to go w/Glenville, STA, & IMG w/a couple of kids from Cass to go w/the best in Ohio just amazing athletes.  Going to be hard for TTUN to compete.  Unless TTUN hires a ton of secretaries!      GO BUCKS!!!

Comment 31 Mar 2016

Griffith's advice was excellent & should pertain to all recruits thinking.  Amazing how everyone likes our practice style.  Though what would you expect from elite recruits... "Nah I like to be lazy".  These are the kids that want to show what they can do!  Can't be done w/o hard work but that's what they're use to.  Can't wait for the season to start and for an epic '17 recruiting class.  GO BUCKS!!!

Comment 25 Feb 2016

If those 3 want in Urb would take them.  Talent as deep as possible is great at all positions.  Injuries, academics can sideline someone .  Then you have little incidents here & there that can lead to suspensions.  Plus some might out grow the position & become LBs or walk-out LBs.  Schiano may only be here for 2 yrs.  (his contract length) but it could be longer.  While keeping a staff intact for several yrs. is great it also speaks well of the program when kids see the  asst. coaches become head coaches at college playoff schools.  Urb has built more depth at all positions than we've ever had.  The future is bright!  The proof is in the record 50-4 since Urb was the head man.      GO BUCKS!!!

Comment 23 Feb 2016

If they move the 2 DBs to LB then we take only 1.  But what a choice especially at IMG where we already have 2 commits & a possible 1 or 2 more.  That can only help down the road & for a LB this time.  Florida's IMG STA has become feeder schools to go along w/those in the Cleveland area.  Now to get Cass & MLK to get on board.  The '17 class could have a lot of 5* players.  If (when) we win the Natty the '18 & '19 classes will also be loaded.  Urb is certainly getting & developing talent.  Hope he stays 'til retirement (think he will stay 'til he's at least 65)!  What load of talent we'll have for years to come.

Comment 22 Jan 2016

I too felt THE Ohio State was a give away.  But that's my heart.  Its gonna be close.  Sure hope he picks the Good Guys.  Ben hearing that Urb & staff haven't given up on Gary.  Now compared to getting Gary, Lawrence is almost a gimme.  Anything so I can sleep tonight.  Have to check Nola.com to watch it live.  Heard his high school coaches we're telling him tOSU.  Not certain about the source  but it might help, or at least got the "THE" because of it.  Hope good thoughts.  'Til tomorrow or today depending on here ya live!    GO BUCKS!!!

Comment 19 Nov 2015

Sorry to hear of the passing of a family member of Okaduh.  I & all of Buckeye Nations thoughts & prayers are w/you.  Hope you get to campus soon.

Hope we can impress Hamlin & Fuller if they come.  Prefer them to Burton but he would make a very good plan B.  Wouldn't mind Warrior in the class.  Same w/Dorn & Victor to go along w/Mack.  Dexter Lawrence & Jackson are both coming & be great to impress both.  We really could use both at DT.  Now if we can getall of them in the class w/ an OL & a LB.      Go Bucks!!!  Smash Sparty!

Comment 18 Nov 2015

Sorry that Rashad isn't coming but he was a long shot unless Les moves.  I like both '18 Linemen & want to keep them from TTUN both of them unless they should prove tOSU unworthy.  I don't know if we hear a boom this weekend but a solid win over MSU could go a long long way.  We need at least 1 elite DT, Jackson would be my guess.  Plus a couple of elite DBs preferably 1 over 6'.  I think RB & WR will take care of themselves plus an elite LB & OL and we will be in great shape.  BGo Backs!!!  Run pass & smash Sparty in the mouth!  The vanilla offense is out of the game plan.  I look for Brax to throw Sat. or next week from the jet sweep!