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Comment 07 Jun 2018

While Dre'mont Jones will be a critical piece to the interior line, don't forget Antwuan Jackson should factor heavily into the rotation. He must be pretty good for Larry Johnson to bring him back into the fold after he snubbed Ohio State for Auburn. I think he will have something to prove.

Comment 07 Jan 2018

While I think Haskins is by far the most talented passer on the roster and wholheartedly believe he would elevate this offense, why is the pessimist in me wouldn't be surprised if Tate gets in the game to run Urban's zone read. At the core of Urban Meyer's offense, Tate would run that offense better. Hands down. 

Comment 21 Jan 2017

That's why I put it in "". Putting it into context, every year we get excited about a heavily recruited player, only for the guy nobody was talking about takes his spot and become the man. Eric Smith was supposed to be the guy at safety once Von Bell left but Hooker stepped up. 11W swooned over Mack for two years, but now Victor looks like he will be the guy. 

Comment 14 Nov 2016

My only fear is that there will come a time against stiffer competition that they will have to make plays. It's concerning that I haven't seen JT make big time throws downfield  to take the top off the defense against lesser opponents. I fear that teams like Michigan and Alabama can take away the run game and  underneath passes... We shall see.