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Comment 18 Jul 2019
I agree with many of the comments that we need to be careful about criticizing these players for their decisions. There is so much more to life then money. If I had the ability to play for The Ohio State Buckeyes, I trust that I would play for the love of the game, and to honor my University and my Maker. Upon graduating, I would hope that I had the health, ability, and opportunity to play professionally and earn a paycheck. My current career demands that I be physically fit; if I get injured, I'll need a new one, but I don't live in fear... Just my thoughts.
Comment 08 Dec 2018
Very interesting. When I read the question, thought the answer was so clear I almost didn't bother reading the comments. I don't recall thinking Tressel was a risk, and Day clearly is. But one I'm ok with.
Comment 08 Dec 2018
I too think he is gone, but until he decides and/or tells us we will have to wait. And as others have pointed out this is in context of the Heisman. He was very clear about playing in the Rose bowl, so if he is 'gone now' that would be a change.