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Comment 23 Oct 2018

Right, and I’m not talking about a complete revamping of the playbook. But to your point (and many others’), moving LBs off the line should be a game time adjustment at least. When I say fundamentals I’m referring to tackling (mind boggling how we even need help there), mental mistakes that cost us penalties, you name it. With the resources in this football program, the collective experience and expertise of coaches, and the talent of the players on the field, they have apparently sat on some fixable issues that were not discussed until “yesterday.”

Comment 23 Oct 2018

The problem is all this talk about evaluating and fixing things “yesterday” instead of before the game when it was glaringly obvious. These weren’t new problems that arose against Purdue. Wondering why it is we have to lose a game before exploring solutions to the problems seen week after week. I would be much less frustrated if we lost, yet actually made adjustments in some fundamental areas (giving up in the fourth quarter didn’t help either though).

Surely beating a dead horse here, but we’ll stop when it’s actually dead. 

Comment 21 Oct 2018

Totally agree. We can talk linebackers, safeties, and o-line each week (and all are valid criticisms), but the overall physicality of this team is much worse than we’ve seen in a long time (can’t remember when).  There’s no fight and it was glaringly obvious in the fourth quarter tonight when we let them put up TWENTY EIGHT POINTS. We’ve gone soft and I’d love to hear a reason why we haven’t. 

Comment 17 Sep 2018

It was definitely hard to see Mack struggle like that. I thought it was going to be a big game for him after that great deep ball catch he had. After four drops and the holding call I was surprised to see him stay in it, but I think it showed a lot about the character of the team and Mack, himself, to keep at it and get some completions going. It’s easy to stay positive when everything is going your way, but man was that impressive.