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Comment 20 Nov 2018

Not only any fan, but anyone who has ever attended The Ga_e, does not need help realizing what it represents. I have difficulty understanding why anyone has doubt in how UFX approaches this week, and leads from the front. People are concerned about his headaches...HIS HEADACHES....Urban Xyer owns this week, and could own it at his worst. Buckeye nation should be grateful to have had hi_ leading us in this week for as long as he has. He is not perfect, not a God, but the best football coach to lead this tea_ going into this ga_e since Woody punched what’s his face in the head. Stop Bitching people and put your “ga_e face” on. This is the best week of the year. 

Comment 12 Nov 2018

Pumped the Defense seems to be finding itself. As far as Tate Martell..... we will need him, Haskins, B, White, and anybody else the coaching staff can find to make a positive impact in time to beat TTUN next week. Have faith Buckeye Nation, we may have found our footing just in time....Go Bucks

P.S. Looking forward to someone, anyone shutting up that long haired loud mouth clown up there.

Comment 30 Oct 2018

All joking aside, we continue to control our own destiny. Have faith that Ohio Joe will pull out a win against Bama, and we can win out and beat TTUN after Thanksgiving once again. And yes we got exposed in another mid season trap game, but that goes with the territory when you serve as everyone’s Super Bowl, UfM will rally the troops and make it happen