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Comment 25 Jul 2019

I wouldn't mind the Buckeyes figuring out how they could turn this get up into a football uniform 

Comment 29 Apr 2019

Once again "29" thanks for a great season of lacrosse insight!  I appreciate all you do!

My one take away was there was zero sense of urgency.  Yes you go with your game plan, but playing from behind and not pushing, not taking advantage or creating unsettled situations...poor.  I saw a few players not pull the trigger for some reason...if the window is open take the shot!

Comment 10 Apr 2019

I don't see them taking advantage of ANY unsettled situations.  Time to scrap the slo-mo, deliberate offense.  Put Jasinski at X.  Jack Myers in front of the cage.  More off ball movement.  Back to fundamentals.

Comment 01 Apr 2019

It was terrible.  I said to myself many times watching that game.....Jack Myers is really, really good.  I would take him off of X though and put Jasinski back there to feed Myers.   I also noticed most of our shooting is sidearm...terribly inaccurate.  Need more over the top or 3/4 at best.  The off ball movement looked like a mosh pit in front of the net.  Back to basics and fundamentals.  

Comment 15 Mar 2019

Born and bred Buckeye here.....have lived in NH since 1985.  I miss Columbus everyday.  When Day got the nod, I said to my friend..."great now we're gonna see Ohio State gear EVERYWHERE!"  The bandwagon is quite full up here...and it annoys the S- out of me.  NH folks-known as "granite-staters" are indeed a proud, hard working bunch for the most part,  They love their state motto "Live Free or Die".....but have zero clue about college football.  UNH hockey is king....but they haven't done well for a few years.  I can't really find many people to have an actual conversation about anything but Tom Brady and the Patriots.  I cannot wait until the ride comes to an end for TB, BB and The Patriots insufferable fans....then what?  I'm sure there will be some die hard Pats fans that stick around, but I fear the Ohio State bandwagon will have a wait list.

Comment 06 Mar 2019

I think we need to use Ruckert as a WR.  Line him up EVERYWHERE!  Forget....for the most part...using him to block.  He's a mismatch no matter what.