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Comment 06 Dec 2018

Expansion team was bought by Dr. Edwards from Columbus (Father is a Columbus real Estate mogul,) and the Haslam Family (Owner of the Browns.) with the caveat that all players/staff/facilities would be transferred to the team in exchange for giving their expansion draft rights to potential Austin team.

Crew Owner Precourt "has a path" to to relocate the Crew to Austin, but had to give everything Crew related to the New Expansion Team Edwards/Haslam bought.

Comment 06 Dec 2018

This is correct both city and county are giving $50 Million over 30 years (3 mill a year,) from funds that have been set aside for projects like this. It's being reported that it doesn't even go to a vote, it's just going to happen.

Comment 05 Aug 2018

I would like the severity of the call lessened. Have the refs on the field call the 15 yarder, and let the reply booth add egregious adjective to upgrade the penalty to an ejection. 

I love Hockey's 2 and 5 minute penalties, Can Football have a you lose the player for the next 2 possessions, instead of the whole game type rule?

Comment 05 Aug 2018

Bosa was coming down from a "launch" if you claim launching is jumping while swatting at the ball. It was technically "helmet to helmet" if you call face masks grazing during follow through motions. Bosa was lazy in the form of not trying to touch the QB after he missed the ball, and I agree that under the rules it's a helmet to helmet contact, but it was weak contact. I would argue that celebration hugs have harder head contact than Bosa Love Tap ejection. 

Comment 11 Apr 2018

ESPN has 'bama expected to win every game on their schedule by %80+ until the season finale against Auburn, which is at only 68%. So, yes everything preseason says 'bama has an easy path to the playoffs.

Same ESPN site, has OSU listed as a dog to PSU, and only a 51% favorite over MSU. According to ESPN OSU has a decisively harder (by 2 games) path to the playoff.