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Spent most of my childhood and adult life in Toledo. Went to TOSU for 3 semesters before I had to come back home for personal/family reasons. Finished my degree at University of Toledo, but I will always be a Buckeye. I've been living in Austin, TX for the past 6 years as a result of work relocation.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Being at the inaugural College Football Championship game in Dallas on January 12th, 2014 and witnessing Ohio State win it all. Every moment of that game from pregame to kickoff to the team celebration afterwards. Me being there was quite simply the best sports moment of my life.
  • NFL TEAM: Cleveland Browns/Oakland Raiders
  • NHL TEAM: Detroit Red Wings

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Comment 03 Dec 2018

That's because even though he's already rocketed up the draft boards in recent weeks, Haskins still has a lot to gain from playing a Washington team that has elite secondary talent. They are one of the best groups in CFB, so if Dwayne can put up similar numbers that he has the past 3 games vs Washington, it might put him in an even better position to get drafted in the top 5. 

Comment 21 Nov 2018

Only reason I don't agree with this is because no matter who the opponent, I don't think we'd get embarrassed in the same manner we did vs Clemson in 2016 because of our offense. If the running game is seemingly fixed, I think the Buckeyes, with a month to prepare, would put up a good fight vs any team. Yes, even Bama. We'd lose to the Tide, but we'd put up a good fight and put some points on them. 

Comment 20 Nov 2018

By "pumped up" do you mean Isaiah Prince will false start 4-5 times in the first half, killing an otherwise promising drive? Because that and other dumb penalties is all that being pumped has seemingly gotten this team all year. That's not going to win this game. Playing fundamentally sound defense is the only thing that will give them a chance to pull this out, and unfortunately there's not much from the past 11 games to make us think that will happen. Can they win? Of course. The defense is built to play pro style offense more effectively than spread, but anyone who thinks Harbaugh isn't going to throw in some spread concepts vs this defense-like virtually every other team-hasn't been paying attention. OSU has the home crowd, is playing their rivals, and between Higdon's guarantee and the fact that Bucks are home dogs, Meyer has all the psychological warfare he needs to get this team ready. If all of that happens, the Buckeyes can win, but it WILL be close. 

Comment 10 May 2018

Regarding the comment in the article about whether or not Urban decides to bring in a grad transfer QB-this is the first I've heard of this scenario, so I wonder if it's just speculation, or did I miss some previous article elaborating on the possibility?

Comment 25 Apr 2018

LOL. This is bulletin board material, nothing more. I'm sure Scott Frost is a good coach, but it's all about the Jimmy's and Joe's, everyone knows that, which has been Nebraska's biggest challenge for decades now. So perhaps win a game or two vs a BIG contender first before putting your team in the "trash talk" spotlight. Just a little free advice to Moos. 

Comment 12 Dec 2017

This mans name was dragged through the mud based on totally unsubstantiated reasons, and Tennessee took actions based on that. I am no lawyer, but valid MOU or not, it seems to me that Schiano has a case, simply because he could argue that no school will ever hire him as a head coach out of fear that they will experience a similar reaction from its fanbase. For that, he deserves to be compensated.

Comment 18 Oct 2017

Only thing I can think of is Herman is working with the QBs and doing the majority of the play calling while Beck handles the remaining OC duites. 

Comment 18 Oct 2017

If I could up-vote this more than once, I would. Well said. 

Comment 18 Oct 2017

Thank you for posting this. There's been a lot of "why isn't Jalen Hurts on anyone's Heisman list" lately and I don't understand why. Other than the fact that he is the QB for Alabama and the narrative is someone playing for Bama has to be one of the best in the country, it doesn't compute.  Against the best defense they've plaid so far this year, which is FSU, the guy barely put up 150 yds of total offense and a score. Nothing overly impressive about the numbers he's put up so far this year, as a passer or as a runner.

Comment 18 Oct 2017

It is entirely possible, and likely that he ends up with those stats actually. With 5 games left, albeit vs much better competition (save for Illinois), he won't have to put up world beater stats to achieve that. I think the bigger issue is Baker Mayfield. Unless JT puts up significantly better overall numbers than Baker, then in the Heisman voter eyes, Baker will get the edge because on the day they played one another, Baker was by far the better player. I think the question is whether or not he gets invited, and not whether or not he wins. This is of course assuming that both Ohio State and Oklahoma win out.

Comment 13 Sep 2017

Incredible piece of work and extremely grounding. Thanks for bringing all that JT has done for this squad back into perspective, Ramzy.