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Spent most of my childhood and adult life in Toledo. Went to TOSU for 3 semesters before I had to come back home for personal/family reasons. Finished my degree at University of Toledo, but I will always be a Buckeye. I've been living in Austin, TX for the past 6 years as a result of work relocation.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Being at the inaugural College Football Championship game in Dallas on January 12th, 2014 and witnessing Ohio State win it all. Every moment of that game from pregame to kickoff to the team celebration afterwards. Me being there was quite simply the best sports moment of my life.
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Comment 12 Dec 2017

This mans name was dragged through the mud based on totally unsubstantiated reasons, and Tennessee took actions based on that. I am no lawyer, but valid MOU or not, it seems to me that Schiano has a case, simply because he could argue that no school will ever hire him as a head coach out of fear that they will experience a similar reaction from its fanbase. For that, he deserves to be compensated.

Comment 18 Oct 2017

Only thing I can think of is Herman is working with the QBs and doing the majority of the play calling while Beck handles the remaining OC duites. 

Comment 18 Oct 2017

If I could up-vote this more than once, I would. Well said. 

Comment 18 Oct 2017

Thank you for posting this. There's been a lot of "why isn't Jalen Hurts on anyone's Heisman list" lately and I don't understand why. Other than the fact that he is the QB for Alabama and the narrative is someone playing for Bama has to be one of the best in the country, it doesn't compute.  Against the best defense they've plaid so far this year, which is FSU, the guy barely put up 150 yds of total offense and a score. Nothing overly impressive about the numbers he's put up so far this year, as a passer or as a runner.

Comment 18 Oct 2017

It is entirely possible, and likely that he ends up with those stats actually. With 5 games left, albeit vs much better competition (save for Illinois), he won't have to put up world beater stats to achieve that. I think the bigger issue is Baker Mayfield. Unless JT puts up significantly better overall numbers than Baker, then in the Heisman voter eyes, Baker will get the edge because on the day they played one another, Baker was by far the better player. I think the question is whether or not he gets invited, and not whether or not he wins. This is of course assuming that both Ohio State and Oklahoma win out.

Comment 13 Sep 2017

Incredible piece of work and extremely grounding. Thanks for bringing all that JT has done for this squad back into perspective, Ramzy. 

Comment 29 Jan 2017

looks like tweet has since been deleted. Think before you press "send" coach. 

Comment 17 Jan 2017

Tennessee, followed by Clemson, and Bama-in that order of preference. There are no fans worse than Tennessee fans and I'd love nothing more than to have Urbs curb-stomp Butch Jones back to Knoxville. 

Comment 17 Jan 2017

How is Michael Thomas NOT a nominee?? Just because there happen to be 2 other rookies already on the list from Ohio State should have had no bearing on whether or not Thomas made the list, but I can guarantee you that is the only reason why. Certainly he's far more deserving than Wentz!

Comment 05 Jan 2017

This late in the process, where would Warinner go? He hasn't exactly raised his marketability with the way the offense played this year, so it's not like he can grab another OC job anywhere, so he may have to just be content with a demotion at least for one more year. I'd like to see Coach Stud move over to the TE's, and Warinner get moved back to being the OL coach. Come April there will be room for both of them, and Wilson can take an analyst title between now and then before he's officially promoted to OC.

Comment 03 Jan 2017

Which is exactly why I like the hire. I knew nothing about Herman when his name was dropped, and that worked out ok. Beck on the other hand, I was aware of during his days with Nebraska, and didn't care for the hire when it was announced. 

Comment 07 Dec 2016

Hard to turn down first round money. We've seen too many times before what kids risk by staying another year in terms of injury, change in draft stock, etc. If he does stay, I'd love to see what this kid can do taking on a bigger overall role: kick/punt returns, maybe even getting in a couple of series on offense. He's so talented that I have no doubt he'd put up Heisman number....and I'm talking real Heisman number. Unlike No. 5 for TTUN.