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Comment 01 Jul 2020

I don't think Clemson will have a down year at all.  They return their QB and RB and sure they lost Higgens and Ross but they have recruited well at the WR position.  Also the rest of the ACC is still not that good to be able to compete with them and overcome the massive talent differential. 

Sure they lose a lot on their o-line and in looking through their classes they don't have many high rated lineman outside of Carman but that hasn't stopped them from having a decent oline before.  

Comment 19 May 2020

It is mind-boggling, I do think that in general special teams play and strategy has improved since then.  Punters have gotten better with hang-time and not out kicking their coverage.  I mean, look at our punt teams.  The last few years we have limited return opportunities for opponents mostly because we rarely go 3 and out, but also because when we do punt it is sky high and our gunners get down there to basically force a fair catch.

Comment 08 May 2020

Meanwhile down in the SEC, they are just laughing bc if you deny it and don't cooperate they can't do anything.  Kansas is just going to be the sacrificial lamb for all schools.  I mean UNC had fake classes for their athletes so they could be eligible to play but I guess that doesn't undermine the integrity of the student athlete.  Nope, only paying players as part of the recruiting process undermines the game.  I'm so tired of the inconsistency of the NCAA.

Comment 01 Apr 2020

I watched Steve's original video and was initially confused as to what he was arguing but the more I thought about the more I realized that is conceding that there is a talent gap.  However is also saying that there has always been a talent gap when you compare draft picks.  Yet despite the talent gap, there have been periods where Michigan as been able to win handily (Cooper era).  He is backhandedly saying it is all the coaching, without actually saying it is the coaching.  

Comment 30 Mar 2020

I'm really curious to see what their offense will look like with a new system, new transfer QB, and no Spring ball.  I'm really hesitant to say they make huge jumps this year in the passing game.  

Comment 11 Feb 2020

Two things I want to point out as well, in 2013 Georgia was down and Kirby $mart hadn't taken over yet.  Also, Clemson was just starting to emerge in the ACC and was not yet the recruiting power it is now.  These two factors made it easier to go into the south and get guys.  Throughout Urban's time here he went into recruiting hotbeds and got guys while the home team was down.  Georgia, Texas, and California.  Georgia has since righted the ship, but Texas and USC have not so we will keep going there and getting players.