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Comment 16 Jan 2020
I'd absolutely take one more season of the two guys I know and who have been a part of the system..over a kid w potential that may or may not be realized...in today's game Gibbs could be given 3rd team reps, not like it and transfer after a season...
Comment 16 Jan 2020
I'm guessing with guys like Cooper, Hilliard, and Wade all returning next season, it probably changed the original numbers Day and staff figured on.
Comment 02 Jan 2020
If take the OL/DL reps w a grain of salt. The DL kids have advantages they won't have in a normal game. We know Fryar is a project type kid and Wypler didn't look bad. I seen a few of his reps from earlier in the week and he held his own.
Comment 30 Dec 2019
Yeah I also seen a where a few 247 guys mentioned Jarrett was having trouble catching the ball...which, catching the ball, seems to be a trait you would look for in a WR.
Comment 18 Dec 2019
Far from an expert but watched him play a few times. Was always the best player on the field imo ( wasn't major competition though). Played WR/DB and returned kicks. Very quick, looked to have plenty of speed. Overall pretty good athlete. Decent size. Don't think he really did the whole " camp circuit" much. Personally think the kid has some good skills to work with. Have a feeling an OSU offer would also mean alot to him.
Comment 16 Dec 2019
Magwood does a little bit of everything for Walnut Ridge. Watched him play a few times. Lined up alot as a DB. Returned kicks too.
Comment 13 Dec 2019
Assume you mean the game ...Hafley may or may not coach now, and if he does how much time is he devoting to OSU when he's trying to salvage what he can at BC ....
Comment 12 Dec 2019
And if Tx doesn't finish much better next season, that entire staff is out of a job. I'm certainly biased, but OSU is a better job by far right now.
Comment 14 Dec 2018
The class is better than most think, it's just not near as big and doesn't look like it will finish as well as normal. With all that has transpired this year, finishing with the group that we have is no minor accomplishment.
Comment 11 Dec 2018

There is a decent chance that OSU finishes the season with 2 1,000 yard RBs..( that's pretty good). Then add to that a QB that could very well throw for 5,000 yards and 50TDs, and I would say the line had a good season...some hiccups for sure and some games better than others...but you don't put up offensive numbers like Ohio State did and not credit the OL a good deal. Jordan is a heck of an O lineman, and now that he can play multiple spots his value to a team has increased. He won't have to wait to long to hear his name called in the draft ( whenever he decides to go)

Comment 26 Nov 2018

If the game didn't change ZH's mind ( or make it up) then he simply just wants to be a Wolverine. It stinks, but if the game did do one thing, it just shows how 1 player ( or even a handful) of big time recruits won't compete consistently with a roster full of great players and coaches. Gary was the consensus #1 player in the nation, yet will leave w/ 0 wins over OSU, and 0 Championships to his name....he disappeared in the game. Not to mention our own Nick Bosa will be selected before him in the draft. Unless Harbaugh changes his style of recruiting and play, which I doubt he does, OSU will always have the upper hand. Give me the guys that LJ Sr coaches up. Truthfully I think the loss here is ZHs' way more then its OSUs'.

Comment 20 Nov 2018

Give Vrabel a call....maybe Coombs could return as a DC ( Just thinking the best way to maintain high level recruiting and add a little fire back to the defensive side). Matt Campbell certainly makes some sense, but can he recruit with the big boys....

Comment 13 Oct 2018

While it probably means absolutely nothing, one of my co-workers has a son who is friends with and plays football with Zach. She isn't a huge football fan, but I did ask her once if they ever talked about where he was going. She just said while she has no idea and he could go to any of the 3 schools ( OSU,UM and PSU), that he talks mostly about Michigan and that the screensaver on his phone is of him at Michigan...again, this could (and probably does) mean nothing...but as time continues to pass it just feels like this one isn't going to go OSU's way...

Comment 09 Jul 2018

I'm not sure 27 is exactly "laughable" ... I mean, with out doing an exact count, there is somewhere around 20 juniors on this team...yes some will leave early but its still a pretty good number...then add a few kids that will leave early after next season ( Chase Young comes to mind, Dobbins could be another)....factor in a transfer or 2 and any 5th year guys that don't return and 27 certainly seems like a doable number if the staff wants it to be....

Comment 10 Apr 2018

Id expect 2 or 3  5*s in this class.....off the top of my head Harrison, Dobbs and Wright are composite 5*s and OSU is either leading or right there for them....and it wouldn't be shocking to see Wilson eventually a 5*....so options are certainly there....