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Comment 21 Mar 2017

A super casual Nascar fan here, so I only make sure to watch 2 races all season long.  First, Daytona because it's a big deal and the kickoff of the season.  Second, the night race at Bristol because it is really racing. There's a lot of wrecks, but not as deadly because the track is very short so speeds are down. The difference (on TV) between a car going 150 mph and 200 mph is negligible.  In person, perhaps there's more of a thrill of the speed, but I think the tradeoff is worth it. 

Longer tracks produce more likely to be boring races.  The super speedways negate the fun of racing.  

The other problem is that the points system (even with the Chase) is still geared toward consistency over wins.  Make wins worth more and you'll see drivers trying harder to get to the front — which is infinitely more exciting than a guy deciding the points finishing fourth is acceptable. 

Comment 15 Mar 2017

Which is easier — ask Matta to change theoretically everything about his approach, or just change Matta? 

I really like the guy but that list above sounds like an overhaul and that's very difficult to do, especially when Matta isn't brand new to the game. 

For years, I've been an Indiana b-ball fan (not from Ohio nor OSU alum, but my wife now works at OSU) and they are having the same exact discussions about Tom Crean. Nice guy, but the results are not acceptable. 

Comment 09 Mar 2017

Drop RGIII, draft a QB, start Kessler and basically get a 2018 2nd rounder for nothing.