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Comment 27 Aug 2020

When you're making period pieces historical accuracy is a major consideration. Imagine Rhett Butler wearing one of those teal Detroit Pistons jerseys in Gone with the Wind. It would have been super distracting! You'd shout hey guys they weren't even the *Detroit* Pistons in 1941 at the screen, and you'd be right.

You'd be right...except that Gone with the Wind wasn't a movie set during World War II.  Once that pops up, you'd still be about 75 years off (GWTW spanned more than one year...).

Comment 19 Aug 2020

A season without a loss to Ohio State is as good as a win for them so I can see why they are fine not playing.

Two—this article suggests it would be a home and home. 

Comment 02 Jul 2020

It’s an eye opener when you buy life insurance and realize you’re worth more dead than alive. But, the risk of death is 32% higher across a lifetime for single men compared to married men. It’s having kids that’s more likely to put you in an early grave.

The exact phrasing was taken from your link, so to be clear, Iowabuckeyes, this is not directed at you.  However, isn't the risk of death 100% for all of us over a lifetime, regardless of gender or marital status?

Comment 04 Mar 2020

I'm thinking this might be a redshirt situation.. could be wrong, but a full year of healing would be ideal

Remember, he could be available for some action the last 4 games of the year and still redshirt.

Comment 12 Feb 2020

Honest question—

Is there any functional and material difference between indefinitely suspending them from all football related activities or immediately kicking them off the team at this point (i.e. in February)?

I’ve seen some posts saying they should be off the team now, and I agree that, if true, the behavior is horrific and should be punished with jail time. Some of those same posts seem to be unhappy with the suspension that has been publicized at this point. However, I’m also aware that the first set of “facts” has not always been found to be completely correct (Duke lacrosse as an example, where charges were initially brought then dropped). 

If there’s no real difference at this time between the indefinite suspension and kicking them off the team, that’s important in judging Ohio State’s reaction at this point. If there is a significant difference between the two, I’d like to know what it is so that I can understand better. For instance, if it makes a difference in their scholarship status, access to university resources, etc., I’d be interested to hear any of those differences as I evaluate the level of Ohio State’s response. 

Remember also that Ohio State may have a different process for handling student situations which may differ from the criminal courts (see T. Gibson, if I recall correctly).  I was a student long ago, and don’t know what procedures the university has to take given their own internal policies. 

Comment 08 Dec 2019


Don't need one word. Just one letter. Think of your emotions during the game. The probability of Ohio State winning. Now think of how you write the letter V—down at a sharp angle for the first half, then back up in the second half. 

This game was the letter V.