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Comment 08 Dec 2019


Don't need one word. Just one letter. Think of your emotions during the game. The probability of Ohio State winning. Now think of how you write the letter V—down at a sharp angle for the first half, then back up in the second half. 

This game was the letter V. 

Comment 11 Nov 2019

here's an interesting thought - end of the season:

1.  tOSU

2.  LSU

3.  Clemson

4.  Georgia

Storylines -

Round 1- Justin Fields takes on his old team

Finals - Joe Burrow returns against his old teammates

You can probably flip LSU and Clemson...

It would only get better if they matched up Penn State and Baylor in the "Non-Reporting Bowl"  (I believe calling it much more than that would be truthful, but could violate the commenting policy...).

Comment 09 Jun 2019

The appetizer sampler has to be called “9 units strong”

That would have (1) wings, (2) loaded potato skins, (3) mozzarella sticks, (4) nachos, (5) stuffed mushrooms, (6) spinach and artichoke dip, (7) pretzel bites with mustard dipping sauce, (8) shrimp cocktail, and (9) mini corn dogs.

Comment 06 May 2019

1997 Michigan.

As others have stated, I can't predict that we would have won out and won a national title if we reverse any of those other games (1998 MSU being the one that comes most to mind).

However, if we win in 1997 vs. Michigan, I can guarantee that Michigan wouldn't have won 1/2 of a national title (shared with Nebraska) that year, and its most recent national title would still have been back in 1948. 

Comment 24 Jan 2019

I hate to say this...but I think the answer depends on how many years I have on my GM contract (and how secure I think my job is).

If I had to win in one year, I'll take a guy with a very high floor, even if they're on the downside of their career (i.e. like a Drew Brees).

If I thought I had a little more time to build that team and room to make mistakes the first year or two, Mahomes.

Mahomes has a ridiculous arm, but who knows if he'll continue improving from this season.  He could take a step back--many other younger quarterbacks have.  (Vince Young was a Pro Bowler and ROY his first year, Mark Sanchez made back-to-back AFC Championships, Josh Freeman, the list goes on.)

With someone like Brees, I'm pretty sure I have a competitive team Year 1...even if I may not have a starting quarterback by Year 3.  However, if I have to win Year 1 (and can collect my big lump sum buyout in Year 3 when they fire me)...

Comment 20 Oct 2018

Pretty straightforward. 

Round 1, Pick 1: Nick Bosa

Trade next year’s 1st and 3rd and next year’s 3rd for a mid-1st round pick this year, plus an extra 6th and 7th this year.

Middle of Round 1 (pick just acquired): Dre’Mont Jones

Round 2, Pick 1: Dwayne Haskins

Round 3: Traded away as part of the Jones pick

Round 4, Pick 1: Parris Campbell

Round 5, Pick 1: Mike Weber

Round 6, Pick 1:  Isaiah Prince

Middle of Round 6: Demetrius Knox

Round 7, Pick 1: Terry McLaurin

Middle of Round 7: Malcolm Pridgeon

Comment 06 Oct 2018

  I would never praise the opposing QB

What would have been wrong with something like this?

”I know Joe is a very good QB from our time at Ohio State, and he’s certainly started this season well.  That having been said, I think our defense is special, and will be able to make stops against Joe and the LSU offense.  This will be quite a battle, but I believe in my guys.”

Comment 02 Oct 2018

Remembering my middle school English teacher...

Can Terry McLaurin play defense?  Yes. 

Should Terry McLaurin play defense?  In my opinion, he should not, at least not for this year’s Ohio State team.