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Comment 16 Aug 2017

After watching the released trailer for next episode 6, it looks like Gendry is gone since at some point the Hound was using his warhammer to fight off the wights. So, either he's dead or dispactched by Jon back to eastwatch to call for reinforcements. Hopefully, it is the latter. By the way, why didn't they take same ravens with them which seems to be standard procedure for any expedition beyond the wall? Oh well! the story is moving forward at an inexplicable fast pace to wrap things up and nitpicking at this point is just pointless.

Comment 15 Aug 2017

Can we start blaming DJ's cats for this? .........On second thought, let's blame Fickell!!

Edit: As soon as I posted, the skully showed up. So, both DJ's cats & Fickell have nothing to do with it.

Comment 15 Aug 2017

The last we've seen "Dawn" is in TOJ during Bran's flashback. Since then, we have not seen it, we don't kown where it is exactly and the show hasn't made any set up for it to be weilded by a major character (as opposed to the Catspaw dagger). We assume it is still with house Dayne but that part of the story is not in the show.

As for how to kill the NK?

1/ Valyrian Steel: effective for regular WW (Jon did it with Longclaw). For the NK: remains to be seen.

2/ Dragonglass or Obsedian: Effective for regular WW as well (Sam did it with a dragonglass dagger). For the NK: remains to be seen.

3/ Regular fire: Not effective. When the NK & WW went into the cave, they breached the rings of fire set up the CotF & the fire seemed to receed before them.

4/ Dragon fire: remains to be seen on both regular WW & the NK. But I think it will be effective to kill regular WW but not the NK. The NK may probably be hurt (diminished) by dragon fire but not killed.

I think, the piece of dragonglass that was embedded in his chest by the CotF when they created him, is his secret shield against the currently known weapons capable of killing regular WW. So, the trick to killing the NK would be to remove that dragonglass dagger from his chest. The way I see it unfold: the NK gets a good dose of dragonfire (Dany on Drogon) and while he is stunned sombody (most likely Jon) stabs him in the chest pushing the dragonglass dagger thru his back and out of body and voilà!

Comment 09 Aug 2017

Dragons have to be mastered and they only bond & obey the orders of their master (rider). Being half Targaryen does not protect you from dragon fire. In fact, being 100% Targaryen does not protect from dragon fire. According to "The World of Ice & Fire", during the first inter-Targaryen war known as the "Dance of the dragons", many Targaryens on both sides were torched & killed & even eaten by dragons (Rhaenyra was eaten by Sunfyre).

Comment 08 Aug 2017

Jamie is wearing armor. He fell in the lake. He is as good as dead. Unless, Bronn, who should be dead by Drogon's flames, saves him.

Jamie was acting foolish by charging Dany & Drogon (Tyrion said as much while watching) and he should pay the price for his foolishness. Assuming he is saved by Bronn, which is already a stretch, they should both be taken priosonners. If somehow, they escape unscathed, well I would still watch, but D&D would've brought us back to the classic " the hero always wins no matter how much he f**ks up" and that would be a shame.

Comment 07 Aug 2017

Killing off main characters has become very difficult for D&D for 2 reasons:

1/ They are important to the success of the show ( i.e. Cersei, Jaimie, Arya)

2/ They are important to the end game (Dany, John, Bran, Tyrion)

So D&D are in a delemma, really. If it were for me, Cersei would be first to go from the list above but the show runners are doing everything to keep her not only alive but in power because they cut (f)Aegon storyline from the show. In the books, I'd expect Cersei to die in The Winds of Winter after (f)Aegon invades Kings Landing.

Comment 07 Aug 2017

Hope this is not true. Urban relies heavely on him for molding the team both physically & mentally. If this comes down to cash, just match the steeles' offer. Case closed.

Comment 07 Aug 2017

Seems to me Pete Werner's body transformation is quite impressive. He was looking pretty skinny for a LB when he committed. If someone could post side by side pictures of him when he committed & now to appreciate the difference. And if I'm not mistaken his name was mentioned by Urban as one of the true freshmen who is getting noticed so maybe we'll see him hread hunting on special teams this season.

Comment 27 Jul 2017

As I trust Luke Fickell's eye for talent evaluation, I went to 247 to see if he was offered by Cincinnati. And sure enough, he is. So, I'm liking this offer a lot better now and hopefully we steal a hidden gem from Fickell.

Comment 30 Jun 2017

Jeremy Cash is the one I wish stayed with the Buckeyes since he was already with the team before Urban came in. He turned out to be a very good safety. If he stayed, Tyvis Powell most likely would'nt have seen the field.