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Tunisia (via Tunis)

MEMBER SINCE   February 20, 2014

OSU student from 1983 to 1989; BSME in June 86; MSME in March 89


  • SPORTS MOMENT: 1985 Buckeyes win over top ranked Iowa
  • NFL TEAM: Bengals
  • NBA TEAM: Lakers
  • SOCCER TEAM: Barcelona

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Comment 20 Apr 2018

Absolutely zero skills at Photoshoppping. But here's an idea: Leach looking with discust at some dudes playing golf. They ask him to joint them and he responds with a ton-load of swearing & cussing!

Comment 16 Apr 2018

This is what I took from the spring game:

1/ Martell is good with his feet but far from having a real shot to be the starter. Defenses will just stack the box to stop him from running and dare him to find his receivers behind those huge O-lineman.

2/ Haskins has not shown that he is the clear cut best QB to a point where we can say with confidence he is our guy and we can let Joe go.

3/ At the moment, Joe seems the better option with regards to the criteria Ryan Day mentioned: Consistency, sustaining drives, taking care of the football and making good decisions.

Based on this, I think Joe will get the opportunity to start for Ohio State come fall.

Comment 16 Apr 2018

"Consistency" is the keyword. From the little w've seen, Joe looks the more consistent QB in driving the offense downfield. So I think he should/will get the nod. Besides, this choice preserves both the best interest of Ohio State(all 3 QBs available at fall camp rather than just 2) and that of Joe. So, if I were Urban that would be my decision.

Comment 04 Apr 2018

Who are the Ohio guys that you think most likely will end up in this class?