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Comment 03 Sep 2019

Once again, just not enough footballs to go around.

This is the problem.  Until they get to the playoffs consistently, I don't know that the top rated players are going to consider coming here if their position group isn't featured the season before.  Concentrate on throwing too much, RBs will go elsewhere.  Run too consistently, WRs (TEs) won't want to come as decoys/blockers.

I know Ohio State attracts top level talent, but it seems like there's a really fine line to walk, particularly these days, to keep everyone happy/position groups continuing to roll in to Columbus.

That said, isn't that a helluva problem to have?  Too many good guys to be able to get ALL the good guys.  I kinda love it!

Let's go Bucks!

Comment 26 Aug 2019

I think this is a perfect season opener, but ESPECIALLY this year, particularly for Fields, but rolling out a new HC, new coaches, schemes, etc.

One week won't necessarily be long enough to get everything down perfectly, but lots of good reps will go a long way towards confidence the following week against the Bearcats.

So excited the season is FINALLY upon us (even if Saturday still seems too far away)!

Comment 26 Aug 2019

Man I hope those kids on his OL can protect Miller.  He's exciting!  The prospect of him being healthy and running the Buckeyes' offense is absolutely mind-blowing!  I hope we continue to pull in the big guys up front and he has a fantastic group of co-conspirators in the Buckeyes' raid of the B1G and national hardware cases.

And I don't know that Crowdus will find his way here, but I really hope he doesn't end up choosing TTUN.

Comment 25 Aug 2019

Really hoping for a good season if for no other reason than just so Day's not under the gun right away.  With his guidance, the crew of coaches he has, and getting some of his own guys in there so he can implement his style of offense, I think this team is going places.

That said, I can see the playoff being Clemson, Bama, Oklahoma, and Ohio State.  Plus, a Bama/OK matchup would be a writer/director's dream for all the space they can fill.  So I'm sure they'll ALL be pulling for those two teams to make it.

Comment 24 Aug 2019

The decline of all those backs right at the end of July/beginning of August was really worrisome.  And I know it's just a matter of semantics, but I don't want the running backs room/situation to be "just fine".  I want it to be STELLAR.  Even if they lost THE top talent to the Alabamas, Georgias, and Clemsons of the world, that still means somewhere around #4-6 in the country SHOULD be in play/considering wearing the Scarlet and Gray. 

And I understand, depending on who's here and how long they're projected to play, trying to go somewhere with more immediate playing time.  And that they may be worried Fields cuts in to the number of carries they get.  But my worrier mindset needs more reassurances that not only are backs behind JK developing at a rate appropriate if he goes down, or at the very least for when he leaves after the season.  And that there WILL be more high level recruits in the backfield that will prioritize being a Buckeye.

Go Bucks!  (Just help me out along the way.  Haha)

Comment 18 Aug 2019

Good to see Cardale back at it in LA.  (I almost said SD.)  That was a nice pass after standing in at taking the hit.  Hope he catches on out there.  And maybe there's a little load management for Rivers, depending on the score and such and maybe he gets in a little more actual game action.

Go Bucks! Health and success!

Comment 14 Aug 2019

I don't know how much of a marked improvement we'll see this year, but I think you've got to imagine this was one of the top things on Coach Day's list.  I know there's a possibility of a bunch of new guys with playing time, but that can be just as easily imagined as a positive as a negative.

Here's to hoping the we revert more to the early-Meyer years Buckeyes and not the last(few)-Meyer years Buckeyes.

Comment 12 Aug 2019

I imagine there'll be a few growing pains coming with starting experience, but if the talent is there, we know coaching will be there, there should be progress made.  Like Coach Day has said repeatedly, other groups have to step in and give Justin time to grow in to the starting role.  If the line helps Dobbins get back on course, if the D makes the improvements we're all hoping with the new coaching, Fields should have a little more time to get comfortable.  (Hopefully Hoak will, as well, so he's ready if need be.)  That Cincinnati game looms large.  The Buckeyes' superior talent level needs to carry them past and give everyone a little more cushion before the trip to Nebraska.

Comment 11 Aug 2019

Just curious how close to making the list Mohamed Ibrahim landed.  McFarland, especially with pro-rated start stats, was far and away better, but it's not like Ibrahim had a bad season.  (Just didn't know how much discussion went in and if players brought up, but that didn't make the list, were still ranked, outside the top 10.)

It's nice to see our RB so high on the list, right behind a talent like Taylor.  Just hope that Fields pans out to earn his spot on this list.  If so, the Buckeyes end result will be a lot more in line with where we're all hoping they'll be.

Comment 31 Jul 2019

2, 5, and 10 are the keys to me.  Does Fields' talent finally get put to its fullest use and lead the Buckeyes through the season?  (Will Hoak be ready if Fields takes one too many hits?)  And how will the defense come together to put that abomination of a show on that side of the ball last year to rest?  I think they're the most important ones to answer in an emphatic and positive way.  If we magic 8-ball this, hopefully it comes up "All answers point to a Natty."

Oh, and this:

Comment 31 Jul 2019

Contrast the 2018 season against the 1996 one, which both produced B1G and Rose Bowl champions - and try to determine which is remembered more fondly.

 A crushing of a vaunted _ichigan D and win against the hated TUN; easy choice!  (Plus, say what you want, it wasn't boring.)

Comment 22 Jul 2019

It is what it is and I'm sure there won't be anything, in the way of residual damage, but I wonder how Dobbins felt when he read of Alford's comments.  Or if he just chalked it up to a good game against a porous defense and it's some kind of small talk you make/how an opposing coach would "congratulate" a player on a game with stats like that.

Comment 21 Jul 2019

You are correct.  I guess I was thinking in terms of spelling them if/when they got tired, but between Mariotti's work conditioning them and hopefully an offense that will eventually develop quick-strike capability, ideally, that won't be an issue.  (As hopefully health isn't, either.)

Comment 21 Jul 2019

They, and JJ (even as a transfer), will have to anchor these other young guys.  I hope any growing pains they have are offset by this veteran presence and rotation in and out, keeping them fresher.  With the defense still in question after last season's performance, a new QB, and a new head coach, I think they need some quick stability from the line in front of Fields.

Good luck and good health, gentlemen!

Comment 21 Jul 2019

Not sure who else could have been in the running, but I think Day chose wisely with the three young men he chose to go to Chicago with him.

Fuller, Cooper, and Hill all spoke well and acquitted themselves, and the program, nicely.  When their efforts on and off the field translate in to production this fall, it will prove to have been an even better decision for them to accompany the coach to the B1G meetings.

Comment 21 Jul 2019

Again, it's in its infancy, but between what we saw in his trial last season and everything since he was officially announced, it appears Ryan Day is very much qualified for this head coaching thing.

Obviously, we need to see results on the field, and as mentioned, in the trophy case, but there's not a guy that, as of what has happened so far, is more cut out for and that I'd want to be the face of Ohio State football.  There's still more sample size we need, but as of now, he's done pretty much everything the right way.  As pessimistic as my nature is, I've got virtually nothing but optimism for the future of Ohio State football.  That's unusual for me; thanks Coach Day!