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Comment 19 Nov 2011

Don't post very often, but after today's game can we all agree on one thing?

I along with a lot of posters would have loved to have seen Fickell grab this job by the throat and say emphatically it's "Mine!". However; after constant emotional and in-game adjustment indifference one can only imagine he knew his fate was sealed from the beginning.

How else can you explain Luke's behavior if he knew this was his one shot at a dream job?

What should have happened:

(Week 4) Fickell: "Bollman , thanks for your dedication to the program; your offensive play calling will no longer be needed!"(If Fickell knew this was his one shot)

Why on earth would you allow the fate of your future to wrest in the hands of incompetence?

Luke chose to allow this to happen on both sides of the ball all season. My only guess is that he knew all along that Urban would be named coach with Luke's services as D-Coordinator for 2012.

How else can you explain his (Luke's) complete lack of emotion threw out this season thus far?