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Comment 18 Jan 2019
I don't think it's harsh. Yes they are kids but this is when they learn to be adult. Many of the same age are fighting and dying so we have the freedom to watch the others play football. Best of luck to him but yeah, he blew an opportunity that most can only dream about.
Comment 30 Dec 2018
Love him, hope the best for him and will root for his success. Im old school however, and I do not agree or like his decision. I understand his reasonable reasons, but do not agree. Go get paid and have a great career Nick. I'll be one of the first to "O-H" when you sack an NFL Qb
Comment 02 Dec 2018
Im not griping and lmao thinking the committee cares what the fans think. We are lucky to be going to the rose and I'm happy we are. We did not have a top 4 season and we sure didn't look better than UGA during the course of the season. I wish we could have gone to the cfp but we did not do what was needed to get there.
Comment 02 Dec 2018
We are lucky to be 6. We didn't deserve it last year (although I do think we did over bama), and we deserve it less this year. No issues with the rankings this year. We beat ttun. Won the B1G and are playing in the Rose. Good to be a Buckeye. Next year don't lose to a 6-6 team and play good football the majority of the time and we'll get in.
Comment 06 Sep 2018
I am all in on Haskins but he has started one game. ONE! And against a less than formidable opponent. Even if he lights it up all year he may not be ready for the NFL. Most QB's do not live up to draft status once they get there. The more years he is with us the better the NFL career he would have imo. As Parcels would say "let's not anoint him just yet"!