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A college aged Buckeye fan that has been breathing Buckeyes since birth.


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Comment 04 Jul 2020

I’d prefer to keep the Buckeyes on Carmen’s Crew. I know it’s mostly “old guard” guys at this point but Craft will be done after this year, Gibbs is getting old, McCamey and Dime aren’t tOSU guys. I’d like to see Jackson, the Wessons, Jae’Sean, etc. join Carmen’s Crew and keep the legacy going.

Comment 03 Jul 2020

I think he said he wasn’t doing that but I’m not sure. I imagine he wouldn’t be jumping to this prep team for just a season but who knows.

Comment 03 Jul 2020

I think that would be good for college basketball but I REALLY hope this isn’t for attention and he goes to the G League or something.

Comment 25 Jun 2020

These large D1 schools spend exorbitant amounts of money on tons of things that are “wants” and then want to appear as if they have no money. Yes, they will have less money. The football team can probably justify it since they spend money to get good players and get good money, but the men’s swimming team that doesn’t make any money could probably go without 47 t-shirts and flying to meets within an eight hour drive. It’s all a ploy for woe is me, continue to not pay athletes what they’re worth and ask for more donations.

Comment 20 Jun 2020

Main reasons given were cost, time spent, and difficulty of the game. 

As a millennial/generation z that just STARTED golfing, I can say yes, yes, and yes. But I’m hooked.

Comment 18 May 2020

I’m not sure if Zach Smith’s word should still be taken. I often find myself wanting to believe him and love how he takes an “insider” approach to college football, but don’t know if he’s trustworthy.

Comment 18 May 2020

Haven’t we pretty much killed the idea that the top player at a position isn’t scared of how many players a school brings in at said position? Something something, a lion doesn’t concern himself with the opinion of sheep. Maybe if the players are a year or two older (like saying tOSU already has two of the #1 WRs in a class with Wilson and Fleming) but I doubt Egbuka would care about those guys ranked lower than him.

Also, it doesn’t matter. From the writing on the wall (except from the one OU guy), he’s not going there.