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A college aged Buckeye fan that has been breathing Buckeyes since birth.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2016 Double OT Victory over TTUN
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Comment 06 Aug 2019

I know the refs are trying to make sure the game is a quality product and not a joke, but why are they acting like such hardos? You heard the one talking to the Marquette player after the foul and then another one just put his forearm in Sully after that quarter ended

Comment 30 Jul 2019

Was Barrett that good, or was it simply a numbers game? Putting a guy on each receiver leaves you with six guys on defense, and need a safety to one side leaves you with five. Now it's five vs. five with J.T. running the ball, being the sixth guy. From there, it's a check to a screen pass or bringing a guy for the pitch pass if they don't cover up a certain side of the ball. J.T. was pretty good in that situation but Braxton, Fields, or any other running quarterback could probably have similar statistics in the same scheme.

Comment 26 Jul 2019

Not saying you’re wrong necessarily, but did those guys play QB/RB because of their vision or because they were a P5 recruit that was athletically superior to all of their teammates? Coaches want their best athletes to have the ball in their hands, especially when it comes to high school football.

Comment 07 Jun 2019

Beals really doesn’t do a whole lot and I would agree the program isn’t going to be good as long as he’s there. Every once in a while they will have some success, but never going to be a power year in and out. With the state of the program, they have to develop some players. Sometimes players take it on their own to do that, but Beals has to do something. Running your second rate players out might get you a decent record in the B1G but won’t do anything better.

This year, Lonsway was a late bloomer in high school that was a good player, but turned into elite has last year by working with his own pitching coach. Feltner was the same way, working with John LaCorte. Not sure about Magno, but a lot of these players aren’t getting better. They aren’t great players, but the guys he’s getting aren’t competing with the other ones.

Comment 05 Jun 2019

Not trying to be that guy but it’s changed a TON. And scouting for colleges is much different than pro. Almost all of them have film and go to see guys to see intangibles, talk to them, see how they interact with teammates, etc. They can see the swing, the throw, etc. on the internet at any time they want. They also have huge databases with info. Canzone played in the Cape which is littered with scouts which is the premier place to play for college baseball prospects.

Comment 04 Jun 2019

It’s always a toss up, usually the top 15 go for sure. The weird thing nowadays deals with slots and money allotted. If the team already has a lot of money tied up in players in the first few rounds, they’re more likely to give a lower offer to later guys and they may not sign. It’s all a game, but most guys, especially college that go within the top 15 rounds are gone.

Comment 15 Apr 2019

I think Ohio State had the third largest crowd this year  behind Nebraska and Alabama. (I mean, what else is there to do in Nebraska or Alabama? I also think it’s awesome that Ohio State makes a day of it with the baseball and other events. I know baseball was playing TTUN and had one of the largest crowds in history, which helped them take 2 of 3 from a top 25 team. I also believe volleyball had a scrimmage and not sure of what else. I think it’s great for an Ohio State fan accessibility wise while also providing other outlets.