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Comment 27 Jan 2020

Deshaun Watson and Trevor Lawrence have not won the heisman because they were pulled at halftime (limiting their numbers) because Clemson is blowing their opponent out and they never play a marque game to give them their heisman moment.

Comment 10 Jan 2020

I would say a class that has a bunch of guys rated really high and a bunch of guys rated low (for tOSU standards). Not as much in the middle.  It also correlates to positions. Some position groups (WR's) highly ranked, some a bit lower (OL excluding PJ).

Comment 09 Jan 2020

Drayton interviewing with Dallas has less to do with Texas Tom and more to do with the Cowboys changing their assistant coaches with the hiring of Mike McCarthy. Cowboys probably want to have the guy who recruited and developed Zeke as their RB coach. Zeke's performance dropped off in 2019 under Gary Brown.

Comment 01 Jan 2020

His running style reminds me of the 1990’s version of Hershel Walker. Stiff hip.  I hope the RB by committee approach works until we land the next Zeke/JK. 

Comment 31 Dec 2019

Take a look at the 2017 and 2018 recruiting rankings. Total of 8 5 star players and top player averages per class tOSU history

Comment 31 Dec 2019

2016 was a rebuilding year and it was impressive that we made the playoffs.  2019 just hurts. I thought the 2019 team was the best chance that Ohio State will have for a Natty for awhile.  

Comment 20 Dec 2019

It's hard to compare because the approach towards younger players is completely different. I tend to believe that Clemson and Alabama are willing to play younger players whereas Ohio State is a little more hesitant.  Ohio State's approach somewhat frustrates me. For example, our 5 star guard Wyatt Davis is finally playing in year 3 and he is a first team All American.  Based on our OL line play last year it is hard to believe he wasn't a better option. The frustrating part is that we may only get one year out of him.   

Comment 02 Dec 2019

Are you sure he wanted to be a buckeye?  I thought he told the media that he felt pressured by the other Ohio State commits and silently committed when his heart wasn't in it.  It's possible that he doesn't like Columbus or playing in the North.  At this point, he is either going to stick to his UT commitment or flip to USC. Ohio State is not for everyone and I am not sure I would want him. The distance factor is nothing but an excuse.