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Comment 26 Mar 2020

I am not so sure.  Those guys aren’t freshmen.  If they are so superior to the players they are replacing than why didn’t they start last year?  As I have said before, this isn’t a union shop.  Guys don’t start because they have seniority.  They start because they are the best players in the opinion of the coaches.  They may be equal to the departing starters, but I will be surprised if they are clearly superior.  If they are as good we will be fine.

Comment 14 Mar 2020

I don’t see why they would cancel the draft. They may not make it a spectator event, but that is a relatively recent development anyway.  Pro days are not a prerequisite for drafting players and if a team really wants to work out an individual they can do it themselves.

Comment 12 Mar 2020

That is a great question. I believe one real reason is that Italy has a particularly geriatric population.  I suspect another reason, and here I am being elitist, is that compared to many other European countries Italy rather resembles a third world nation with a lot of corruption and incompetence.  I suspect their health care system was in no way up to the challenge presented by this disease.

Comment 12 Mar 2020

This is about trying to slow things down so that large numbers of severe cases don’t overwhelm the healthcare system and lead to unnecessary deaths.  There are only so many respirators and ICU beds.  The belief that only 8O year olds are at risk is delusional.  They are most at risk, but that doesn’t mean others aren’t.  Particularly if the system lacks the capacity to treat victims appropriately due to large numbers of cases.  If everyone gets it eventually so be it, but you don’t want everyone to get it simultaneously.

Comment 12 Mar 2020

Quoting death rates totally misses the clinical impact of infection.  The idea that either you die or you have a minimal illness is not factual.  Many survivors suffer significant clinical morbidity that will have prolonged life altering consequences and many of those victims are younger people.  This is not the flu.  You really don’t want to take the chance of contracting coronavirus because there is no way to predict who will suffer major morbidity and who will have a mild clinical illness. 

Comment 08 Mar 2020

Talent is as talent does. I will buy into the presumed depth of talent in the linebacker room when I see them making plays on the field other than on kicking downs and garbage time.  Franking while it truly pains me to say I think it is more accurate to describe OSU’s linebackers as possibly the nations most over rated group not the nations most talented.  At this rate Mitchell, Gant and Pope are on track to have virtually no impact on the field.  The truly talented guys typically see some action as freshman and are contributors by their second year.  They are not still on the sidelines through their third seasons on the roster.  I don’t expect to ever see any of them on an All American team or even first team all B10.

Comment 04 Mar 2020

If he was truly as good as people thought might be coming out of HS he would have beaten out Harrison or Werner for one of the outside spots last year.  I wish him success obviously, but I still feel that OSU’s linebacking recruits have in general not lived up to their rankings and I am not convinced that is all the fault of one past coach.  I have have watched a lot of very talented Buckeye linebackers over the years and these past few recruiting classes have been more bust than boon.  Given the D line they play behind they should look like a pack of ball hounding wolves and given the the HS rankings the absence of All American caliber play is striking.

Comment 03 Mar 2020

What has McCall ever done on a college football field to justify being called a “nightmare in space”.  I would’ve loved to have seen him have a great career at Ohio State but the fact is he’s been a non-factor and I suspect this coming season will be more of the same.  He was a great HS running back but his skills are not exceptional enough to overcome his size to play out of the backfield and he has not transitioned into a WR.  OSU has accumulated more WR talent than one team can deploy.  McCall is not going to keep those guys on the bench.

Comment 01 Mar 2020

He may well be able to achieve and maintain a sufficient body weight to play in the NFL at tackle, but he won’t play there if he can’t get past 260.  No amount of footwork or wingspan will over come lack of mass against NFL defenses.  My question about this guy has been why if he is so incredibly talented is he still fighting for a spot and not an established star already.  The guys that have been playing ahead of him are good but none of them have been named Orlando and if anyone thinks any of them could have kept guys like Pace on the bench think again. NPF may well become a starter and may play in the NFL, but I don’t think he is the transcendent player people are expecting or he would have shown it already.

Comment 23 Feb 2020

Why would you say Mumford, Myers and Davis are “locked in”?  On any competitive team everyone has to earn their spot every season.  That must be viewed within the statement that the line could be better this year than last season.  Most of the new players named as possible replacements were on the team last season and they did not start over the guys they are trying to replace.  To say they could be better than players they could not beat out last year suggests they will develop into better players over time.  If that is the case couldn’t some of them also develop into players capable of beating out some of the last years starters who remained?  Just a thought.

Comment 20 Feb 2020

Nice to see the acknowledgement that the ability to catch the ball is a critical skill for receivers.  So often fans act as if anyone can catch a football in college or the NFL coming at them at 40 to 60 mph.  All the speed, moves, jumping ability and route running doesn’t mean squat if you don’t catch the d—m ball.  This kid sounds like he will be a genuine chip of the block.  

Comment 17 Feb 2020

Things could change, and I hope they do, but Browning to me appears to be another example that great high school athletes do not necessarily make great linebackers at the college level and beyond.  There are many things coaches can do to improve a player and develop him physically and mentally but at some point everyone reaches their ceiling. The point where physical and mental abilities simply don’t get any better.  Some guys reach it in high school, some guys reach it in college and some don’t get there until they’re playing in the NFL.  One thing is certain however and that is having been great at one level is no guarantee of greatness at the next level.

Comment 09 Feb 2020

The NFL does not hold the combine to benefit players.  They do it to benefit the teams and as such they invite the players they think are most likely to be drafted so as to get a close up evaluation of them.  They have much less invested in UDFA's and can make determinations on who they will make offers too from pro days, game film and the like.