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Comment 30 Apr 2019

Another little tidbit that doesn't add up in retrospect. Ant-man was in the quantum realm for 5 years but said to him it was only 5 hours thus he hadn't really aged.  Janet Van Dyne was in the quantum realm for like 40 years so shouldn't that have equated to being 40 hours for her? Thus shouldn't she only have aged 2 days?

Comment 30 Apr 2019

But how did the Avengers defeat the Chitauri? Tony nuked their base and they all fell over dead.  Why would only the ones on earth fall over dead why not all of them?

Comment 29 Apr 2019

Loved it.  Fat Thor was by far my favorite character.  Similar to Tony in Ironman 3 it showed that even as super heroes they struggle with real life guilt and regret.  Thor could have killed Thanos and prevented the snap but his arrogance got the best of him again in wanting Thanos to know he got his revenge instead of "going for the head".  

Outside of Time Travel theory, I have two questions that didn't add up to me.  In order for Hawkeye to receive the soul stone he must lose that which he loves most, wouldn't that be his wife not Natasha?  You can say his wife was already gone at that point because of the snap, but that's false because she is in fact still a live in 2014 when he is on Vormir.

My other question is how is the Chitauri army with Thanos in the final battle scene when they were destroyed in 2012 at the battle of New York and Thanos is traveling from 2014?

Comment 29 Apr 2019

I listen to DP everyday and never did he say he thought Haskins was the worst of the 4.  Opposite actually he usually touted Haskins as the best QB in the draft class.  He has been critical today of Haskins reaction to dropping but going into the draft he never said Haskins wasn't a first round QB.

Comment 11 Jan 2019

I am tired of reading all the Tate bashing on here.  Everyone knows that you all would be praising his confidence and cockiness had Justin Fields not fallen in to our laps.  Just because the guy looks out for himself and feels a little betrayed by everyone falling all over the shiny new toy doesn't mean he's "all talk".  You were loving that talk when you thought he'd be our next QB.  I was excited to see what Tate could do in our offense and I'm disappointed I won't get to see it.  Best of Luck to him

Comment 08 Oct 2018

One question I've been wondering lately is, whose decision is it to teach the Corners to play receivers hands rather than get their head around and play the ball.  From what I've been watching our DB's are often in good position but get called for PI or lose jump balls because they simply don't get their heads around and play the ball.  I would think this strategy would lead to more INT's by winning some of these jump ball situations.