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Comment 02 Apr 2020

With the 4-game redshirt rule and the way Ohio State would likely blow out their first few opponents, it wouldn't be a bad thing to let Stroud play the 2nd half of one game, then Miller the next, etc.  Get a feel for who is progressing faster, better, whatever and then go from there about redshirting one or both of them, having one as the backup, or leaving Hoak as the direct backup as they move into the more important Big 10 schedule.

Comment 30 Mar 2020

For seniors from Ohio State's basketball, fencing, gymnastics, hockey, pistol, rifle, swimming and diving and wrestling teams

I know it would be more difficult for a team sport like basketball or hockey, but some of the other sports are more invidualistic (meaning one competitor or one vs one), so would it be possible for the NCAA to work with the different conferences to maybe set up a seniors-only tournament or something similar?  At least give the seniors in those sports a chance to go out with a chance at some sort of title.

Comment 19 Mar 2020

Falcons released Devonta Freeman.

Gurley went to Georgia.

Atlanta signs him to a 1 or 2 year low-guarantee contract.

Comment 19 Mar 2020

He probably could have gotten David Johnson for next to nothing.  I'm sure Arizona would have loved just to get rid of that contract, might have even done something like Houston did with Osweiler to get his contract gone.  They probably couldn't believe their luck when O'Brien came to them offering Hopkins AND more for Johnson.

Comment 09 Mar 2020

Each of the 10 assistant coaches will also have the opportunity to receive the following bonuses based on team performances, which are unchanged from 2019:

Big Ten East championship: 8.5 percent of coach's base salary
Big Ten Championship Game win: 4.25 percent
New Year's Six bowl game: 17 percent
Non-CFP bowl game and at least nine wins: 4.25 percent
College Football Playoff berth: 21.25 percent
National championship game berth: 25.5 percent

About these percentage bonuses.  Can the coaches get more than one of these bonuses or is it just tied to how far the team gets?  For instance, last year the team won the Big Ten East, Big Ten Championship and College Football Playoff berth.  Would they just get the 21.25% for the berth or would they get 8.5% + 4.25% + 21.25% = 34%? 

Comment 04 Mar 2020

Clancy's books would be perfect for an Amazon or Netflix series.  Same with the Jack Reacher series.

Comment 03 Mar 2020

A couple of RBs that are showing that they would be eligible immediately are Chase Hayden (Arkansas), Trevor Speights (Stanford), or Bradrick Shaw (Wisconsin), among others.  As for how good they might be and who would be worth a look over the others, I couldn't tell you.

Connor Heyward of Michigan State was in the portal, then removed himself, so I guess he might be a remote possibility if he sees an opportunity like Ohio State come available.  

As HandsOfSweed mentioned, Sampson James.  If he is somehow eligible immediately, I would think he would be the 1st choice if they go the transfer route.

Comment 03 Mar 2020

With Washington having a need for a TE, I was contemplating the idea of a trade with the Browns:

Christian Kirksey and David Njoku for Trent Williams.

Since the Redskins are moving to a 4-3 defense, they need LBs and Njoku would help to replace Vernon Davis and Jordan Reed, while Williams would fill Cleveland's biggest need and probably allow them to go for the best available player in the 1st round.

Comment 03 Mar 2020

Also, if the story were to be true (which I also doubt), if the Ohio State fan mentioned in the letter was so obsessed to the point of actually scaring the person writing the letter, why would they sign it with a name pointing out their location?  Probably not that many Ohio State and Xichigan fans in New Mexico to begin with, then to have two of them working in the same place?  If this person is so scary, what does the Xichigan fool think is going to happen when the other person sees the letter they wrote and thinks it's about them?

Comment 23 Feb 2020

Not specifically Buckeye related, but here's my question.

Wouldn't it be more productive for the combine to invite players that need the exposure to NFL scouts rather than players like Joe Burrow, Chase Young, Jeff Okudah, Isaiah Simmons, etc.?  Since they are going to be drafted high no matter what, their testing will really have no bearing on much of anything.  They are just risking possible injury rather than elevating their stock for scouts.