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Comment 21 Nov 2018

He was asked if he would be back next year and his reply was emphatically YES.  This is more Fake News by SECSPN and the media fishing for a story that isn’t there.  No better than the garbage McMurphy has been peddling!

Comment 18 Nov 2018

Funny how Bama saw how bad Sheffield was and benched him but we can’t do the same.  

Comment 07 Oct 2018

Schiano usually waits until halftime to make adjustments.  At least he makes adjustments and the defense usually improves in the second half.  There are coaches out there that don’t make any adjustments at all.  Our defense is young, especially our secondary.  Give them some time and they’ll be fine before too long!

Comment 27 Sep 2018

Yep they’re furious cause we are one of the only teams capable of taking down their “God” Nick Saban and Alabama this year.  They had it all worked out to take Urban out and that failed miserably.

Comment 29 Aug 2018

I totally agree and have said from Day 1 that the University should have denied and deflect.  It worked for Miami, UNC, MSU, etc.  OSU really handles this totally wrong.  This kind of situation you keep in house and deal with it.  Ohio State should be firing their PR head for the fiasco in which this was handled!

Comment 26 Aug 2018

Spot on and I totally agree.  By opening an investigation they gave the story legs for the media to keep poking and prodding.  

Comment 21 Aug 2018

I don’t think this applies to anything that anyone writes on social media platforms unfortunately.  Just like Facebook and Twitter, etc. can ban whomever they want too and it’s not against the law.  Anyone can write anything on social media actually it’s up to the platform to take it down or ban it, etc.  So unfortunately Mcfuckstick won’t be held to the supposed higher ethical standards of a reputable journalist.   Go figure lol!

Comment 21 Aug 2018

Thanks for the info...much appreciated!  And if Urban is not willing to take a few games suspension for PR for he University, which I respect 100%. I don’t see Urban working out a buyout with the University to let them off the hook cause they want to appease the masses either.  And I don’t think he should as he has done nothing wrong!  If the BoT and Drake want to fire him, fork over $38mill to do so....Nothing Less!