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Comment 09 Aug 2014
Watch this one without getting goosbumps...i dare ya lol. Sorry for posting on this forum but I dont know how to make a new one. I eas trying to look the bad company one up and found this one
Comment 09 Aug 2014
Im not saying they are, or that RDS would even care, but when I first read this I thought it was a little disrespectful to Shazier. If I was him and I read that whole "addition by subtraction" bullshit I would be pretty pissed. In the 3 years of watching him play I never saw him take a play off. He might have missed and gotten out of position, but even then he was going full speed, and then sprinting to get back into position. And maybe if his fellow lbs stepped it up he wouldnt of had to do so much. So im not saying that they are slighting him, but I would just be careful when talking about one of our best players in years. And best teammates. He switched numbers last year to honor Bryant. All in all I see no way were better off without the fastest linebacker in the country and who always was there to force a fumble when some RB is about to dive into the endzone and tie the TD record lol.
Comment 05 Aug 2014
I would have to take Wells. No offense to Hyde as he is a beast and was very fun to watch and reliable for the last 2 years, but he always (almost always) had Braxton as a threat to run from the read option. Granted when TP was there they ran some of it but not almost every play like they have recently. Plus he dragged Todd Boeckman to a NC and almost got them back in the game against LSU. Cant go wrong either way tho
Comment 06 Jul 2014
I really dont want to hate on him.and up until last week I had no reason. I wasnt old enough to watch him play but I always liked having a buckeye on college football live, but this last week he was talking about the offensive line and he said "they are going to be young, but they have lindsay coming back and moving from the right side to the left side" 1.) There is no lindsay. 2.) Could have meant linsley, but hes gone 3.) Linsley was a center I understand its hard to mix up players especially offensive linemen, but most of the people on this site could tell you the propablr starting line for next season, and most of us dont have the access to ohio state that he does. And we definitely dont get paid to talk football. And on that same episode he said if he could go back he might have gone to usc or ucla. I actually kind of understand this more after reading this article, but still dont say you regret going to ohio state on live tv. And also I notice that he didnt get into football till later and he mever really watched college football growing up. So maybe he doesnt follow everything as closely as we do. I know im going to probably be labeled as a hater for this but unless you saw the show then you wouldnt understand how wrong he was. And why cant we get a biased person in there. Matt millen always talks about penn state and jesse palmer never has a bad thing to say about florida
Comment 05 Jul 2014
I love the buckeyes, and unfortunately ive never gotten to go to a real game. Ive been to a few spring games and it just made me fall in love even more. But I cant justify.spending upwards of $500 for a shitty seat against a shitty team. And I think (as do most of you) that its only going to get worse until the bubble pops. I live in wichita now so its even more likely I will never get to see a real game in the shoe. But the next best thing is being back in columbus for a gameday. The buzz that there is in the city is amazing and thats what I love about my Buckeyes. I was out here when wichita state was undefeated and even that didnt have anything on the feeling of even just ohio state playing indiana or illinois. I am a buckeye and will.never stop being a buckeye but I will never pay that much for a ticket. There is a group of ohio state fans out here and we gather at buffalo wild wings. I dont see a group of bama fans or texas fans. We have the biggest and best fan base their is but that will start to die off if we keep getting squeezed and squeezed for every penny. The next generation might not get so involved bc they know their parents cant afford a ticket. Sorry to ramble on but this is just one of the topics that really get me fired up about the Buckeyes