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Comment 29 Dec 2019
The slo-mo replay technology is an advantage. In a scenario where live speed made it difficult to discern control, slo mo clearly showed control and possession of the ball. The officials who used the slo mo to review the call are the ones who got it absolutely 100% wrong - whether they want to admit it or not. The problem is not technology, the problems are 1) Officiating biases and 2) Vague rulebook terms like "football move"
Comment 29 Dec 2019
That scoop and score overturn was a little crazy. Like someone should lose their job and an investigation began crazy. There has to be substantial evidence to overturn an original call, and the slow-mo showed even more evidence it was the right call. With that said, the team made some boneheaded moves tonight that cost us, and I would not have wanted to play LSU if this is what we were going to bring to the table
Comment 05 Oct 2019
Watching Connor Cook grab that trophy from Archie like grabbing a beer from a bartender still makes me wince today..
Comment 09 Feb 2019
A clear lack of offense and toughness. Penn State attacks - or rather punishes - their opponents. Probably a result of Cael and just the talent they've had teaching the new talent tricks of the trade
Comment 30 Dec 2018
The current playoff system has built about 6 teams who have turned into recruiting powerhouses, and left everyone else the scraps. By expanding the playoffs to 6 or 8 teams, you are allowing some of the less fortunate teams to become playoff contenders and hopefully lessen the parity in recruiting TLDR: Bama needs kicked in the balls because they be hoggin all them 5 stars