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Comment 09 Nov 2019

I dont know if Oklahoma has a good game today.  Maybe if they win by 1 or 2 touchdowns, I would take them out of the top 10.

Trey Serman just ended his season.  He had a knee injury similar to Nick Chubb

Comment 09 Nov 2019

I can't believe there are down votes.  Joe Burrow is a feel good story.  He was going to end his career at Ohio State as a backup.  He transfers and joins a head coach that was passed on by USC and a running back who was 5'8 and passed on by everyone.

I was rooting for Joe Burrow when he wore Scarlett and Grey and I still do today because he gave Ohio State everything he could but he got passed on.  He ended the day saying he had dreams to reach the point he is at now but in a different jersey color.  You all know which jersey color that is.

Comment 03 Nov 2019

PSU fans and players will eventually get tired of him using the term elite and how PSU is not elite.  

He wants Elite, then he needs to go to USC.

Comment 02 Nov 2019

Thanks for the history lesson guys.  Emory Jones does look more of a Braxton Miller on film than Fields.  When you look at Jones in Florida, he is a run first pass second QB which is what Urban likes.

Comment 30 Oct 2019

Still confused on how Urban did not even offer Fields out of High School.  Every year Urban would go after the top dual threat QBs in the nation.  He somehow skipped Fields.  I remember watching the Elite 11 and seeing him committed to Penn State and I felt sick.  Glad he is a Buckeye now.

Comment 26 Oct 2019

This seems like a Bin Victor type of game where he just makes a crazy play and it makes the highlight reel for a week.

Refresh everyones memory.

1.  The catch and score vs Penn state last year

2.  The catch and inzone dive vs MIchigan state.