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  • SPORTS MOMENT: My favorite sports moment was when I saw Cie Grant come in and disrupt Ken Dorsey en route to a huge and "upset" of the Miami Hurricanes tied with the rollercoaster of emotions felt when I thought the game had been lost and then the pass interference call. "Holy Buckeye" also makes the list.
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Comment 03 Aug 2017

Holy hell I am officially on board the hype train and sending this link to all my Buckeye friends. The camera angle that captured the Noah Brown catch he pinned against the defender was amazing would've loved to see that highlight all the way through but DAMN!!!!

Comment 23 Jun 2017

It worked out well but Tressel's situation because we got UFM but when Tress resigned the prior two seasons he had a total of three losses, two Big 10 championships, and two bowl wins. I absolutely loved Matta but what he did his last two seasons is a far, far different situation than Tress IMO.

Comment 21 Mar 2017

One game does not define a coach. Urban is undefeated against TTUN and has a national championship under his belt in 5 years. It isn't possible to go undefeated every year and his teams have gotten unlucky the last two years of losing to the wrong team at the wrong time in the Big 10. I have a feeling we are going to se something special this year.

Comment 05 Mar 2017

Allow the downvotes to come if they must but I really believe Thad deserves another year. He built this program to what it is and lofty expectations of this program are a direct result of what he created. I am in complete agreement that there needs to be some shakeup with the staff but Thad should be able to have a chance to salvage this. This team dealt with a good amount of adversity and I think the KBD injury has been significantly downplayed. If we had his 10 or so points a game and his defense I think the outcome this season would have been drastically different not to mention the unfortunate health issues that struck team family members this season which no other team to my knowledge had to deal with.

The lineup change later in the year seemed to energize the team and both CJ and Wesson showed significant improvement as the year went on.

Comment 10 Jan 2017

I understand the point you make but not sure about your examples. Samuel was hurt for a decent amount in 2015 and playing behind the best running back in the NFL right now. Powell was a two year starter before his last junior season and had a good season by all accounts in 2014. UFM did play a good amount of talented freshman this season and I hope to see the trend continue. It's gonna be hard to keep this talented 2017 class off the field. I'm specifically hoping Grimes can recover from his injury quickly and get some quality playing time on the outside. Dudes gonna be a stud.