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Comment 07 Jul 2014

HIT_THE_COUCH:  "Get rid of the white guy on the right (2nd photo from top), and it looks like Oden photo bombed an R&B/ soul group. Maybe the white guy is just their manager." ................ Perhaps the "White" guy is the brother of the "White" bride?

Comment 06 Feb 2014

I agree with you. I think Hubbard has the "Right Stuff" in more ways than one. Not only is he a hard hitter, but he's fast, big and appears to understand the game. That level of intelligence will be a game changer in the future.

Comment 06 Feb 2014

When I watched the video clips of this kid, I continually thought of Johnny Simon. This guy has a "motor" and may be a diamond in the rough. I love his fire!