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Comment 27 Jun 2017
Hmmm Camp Randall missing from a list that uses "atmosphere" as a primary barometer? *edit I obviously missed the fact that this was for the B1G East only.... please ignore me and move on Oh and Beaver over Ohio Stadium.... NOPE!
Comment 12 May 2017

Not being insensitive as I wish Rodjay and his family nothing but a bright future.... but it is becoming increasingly clear that the new wave of talent in the defensive backfield is obviously a part of the Norwood and Burns decisions  That group must be crazy talented! Give Haubeil the scholly so that he doesn't have to greyshirt after all.

Comment 12 Apr 2017

K.J. Hill looks like he has the ability to our go to guy for JT this year. Victor looks like he will be the home run hitter still raw but making highlight reel catches much like Devin Smith did for us. Parris replaces Curtis at H. The real X-factors this year will be the tight ends and how involved they become in the passing game under Kevin Wilson. Other than that it will be interesting to see if guys like Dixon or Mack decide that they are ready to step it up and make some plays. 

Comment 23 Mar 2017

Things just haven't been the same since Amir Williams left 

Comment 11 Mar 2017

No he didn't he's doing exactly what one would expect from TP. He bet on himself.... yet again!!!! He saw a team who has a QB that just passed for almost 5,000 yards, just lost their #1 and #2 receivers and only had an unproven/oft-injured Doctson along with a fast little slot guy. He just became a true #1 receiver and he is betting that his "set yourself up for life" payday comes next March at this time. If the little moneyball guy wasn't running the show he would still be in Cleveland it's as simple as that... but that's not how moneyball works. 

Comment 03 Mar 2017

Everything goes in cycles..... running backs fell out of favor over the past decade. The league became pass happy when they decided to handcuff the secondary. Peyton and Brady became the poster child's for the league and high schoolers wanted to be the next ODBeckham Jr. instead of the next (list any Bama back here). Adrian Peterson has pretty much been the only RB you could say was the face of his franchise over the past decade. If the RB position does come back to prominence we will absolutely have to credit Zeke even more so than Gurley as the guy who started this potential new cycle.

Comment 26 Feb 2017

Been telling people (feel free to tell me I am wrong) that the Ohio kids in the 2018 class are currently underrated by the recruiting services. I also hope that Ohio State doesn't use the "make'em wait while we offer 50 out of state kids" tactic this year because while it worked the last 3 years it could backfire on us this year. The raw talent level is very high on these kids but a lot of them have limited tape and limited camp exposure to this point. I expect to see a lot of the 3 star kids easily move into the mid to high 4 star range by the end of their senior year. 

Comment 24 Feb 2017

It's a unique year for Ohio kids. Watching tape Carman, and Gill are obvious studs but L'Christian, Tyreke Smith, Xavier Peters and Tavion Thomas all have 5 star/freakish/high ceiling athletic ability but they just haven't played enough to justify the bump up yet by the recruiting services. Should be interesting to see where they all stand after their senior year. We need to get ALL of them!!!!!!!!!!

Comment 14 Jan 2017

It's going to be Hill & Victor if they are healthy but I expect Mack to take a huge leap forward. If healthy Grimes get's time as well.

Now for an unpopular opinion possibly. I'm a little bit happy we just lost Lyndsey and replaced him with Harris. I only say it because if the guy isn't a P. Harvin, C. Samuel or Christian Kirk type (durable) then I'm not going to be excited for another version of fast but fragile Donte Wilson who is just too little and only good for niche plays designed specially for him to hopefully get them into open space. I love McCall and he will bulk up and take Samuel's place and maybe Paris Campbell can develop into that spot as well so we are good there but with throw first QB's like Burrow and Haskins on the verge we need these true WR's like Harris. 

Comment 11 Jan 2017

Outside of the Marvel and Star Wars franchises this is one of the of the few things still generating BILLIONS in PROFITS for DISNEY/ESPN.... yep I'm sure they wlll just give it all up after reading this article.... lol ludicrous!!!