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Comment 19 Apr 2019

F: Because the NCAA is giving out "hardship" waivers because "he took muh starting spot".

Grad transfer - no restrictions
No grad - sit a year
Coaching change - more than 2 years in school, no restrictions / if you redshirt during new coaches first year, no restrictions after 1 year.

Comment 18 Feb 2019

Last spring I made a dating profile on (not a "mail order" bride service, it is similar to Best decision of my life. Documented it all on video and it tells the story better than I ever could in words.

Just a warning...many a man have cursed me out saying they watched these videos with their wives/SO/GF. Share these with your SO at your own risk.

And because this is a Buckeye site! I was over there during OSU v TTUN. It was her and her families first Buckeye football experience!!
Comment 11 Feb 2019

I understand your point. Maybe me only caring about OSU football has me blinded, but I think the Urban to Day transition shows 98% of the players committed to OSU because it is a football factory for the NFL. Tathan wanted to transfer even when Urban was here. 

I just think the players need to fulfill some length of their commitment before they are afforded free agency. Having 100% of players eligible to transfer whenever they want sound like a nightmare. Roster turnover year to year would probably be 40% or more (graduating seniors, early declarations, new recruits, transfers in/out). I think the product would suffer bigly.

Comment 11 Feb 2019

Exactly this. Literally every player will be up for transfer every year. Turnover would be astronomical, and it would be next to impossible for coach to get a handle on their roster #'s. 

Talk about bagmen coming out of the woodwork. Schools would be making runs at the best players in college to bring them to their school with some extra $$$incentive$$$

This is exactly why I suggested above a player needs 3 years before transfering penalty free.