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Comment 31 May 2019

You want to talk about a cover up, talk about Holodomor. Basically Ukraine's version of the Holocaust that didn't escape the till the fall of the USSR.

I wanted to visit Chernobyl when I was in Ukraine about a month ago. I'm sure at some point I will in the future. One of my friends visited there, and wore this tshirt ROFL

Comment 08 May 2019

Option 1, because Fields has the highest ceiling out of all of them.

Even in option 2, at this point Tathan and Baldwin probably would have transferred. 

Comment 06 May 2019

Does anyone think that schools will pay them from their existing pools of money? Paying players will be directly passed on to consumers through higher ticket prices, higher tv deals, higher merch, etc.

I would be open to hearing arguments that out of season a player can profit off his likeness. But really, these players are the ones that will likely be drafted. Say X company wants to a player to endorse a product, and this product is a competitior with Nike or maybe not a high moral company, how does this reflect on OSU?

Same thing as transfers/free is and will quickly turn into a mess

Comment 19 Apr 2019

F: Because the NCAA is giving out "hardship" waivers because "he took muh starting spot".

Grad transfer - no restrictions
No grad - sit a year
Coaching change - more than 2 years in school, no restrictions / if you redshirt during new coaches first year, no restrictions after 1 year.