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Comment 01 Aug 2017

RFE, even though you already showed it's a systematic issue with *ichigan, theres more evidence.  First, Stanford blew late leads under Harbaugh all the time.  Lost a late lead vs. TCU, UCLA (w/4 seconds lefT),  Wake Forest (blew a 2 touchdown lead in 4th Q), Arizona (9 point lead 4th Q).  

2.  Theres actually an article on 247sports today about Michigan blowing late leads, a point of emphasis in camp this year.

As the Wolverines begin fall camp this week, finishing will be a top priority. Michigan outscored opponents, 405-117 (31.2-9 per game) in the first three quarters, but only bested teams 119-66 (9.2-5.1 per game)  in the fourth quarter and in overtime.

It's definitely a Harbaugh deficiency.  Not a special Urban, Fisher, Ferentz, Dantonio, Patterson, Stoops (shitty Mike, not bob), Rick Neuheisel culture.  Harbaugh just isn't that great

Comment 28 Apr 2016

And yes, they have reached that silly phase of the recruiting process when they are proclaiming that Kevin Sumlin may not even want the nation's top-ranked dual-threat quarterback anymore. 

Why is that silly?  Maybe they have reevaluated.  Since he committed, A&M has a new offensive coordinator who has previously coached guys like Brett Hundley (6'3") and Josh Rosen (6'4").  Maybe they don't want a 5'9" QB anymore?  I've definitely seen OSU websites quote sources saying OSU coahces would prefer lower rated guys over the #1 at their position.  (Last year, Williams vs. Walker)

Comment 26 Apr 2016

Why should we care that they beat Northwestern badly?  That proves nothing.  You said earlier in this thread that Northwestern was not a good team.  You wrote Michigan only played 3 good teams, and lost to all of them, so Northwestern isn't a good team.  They got blown out by UM 38-0.  So, who cares if TN did the same thing as a mediocre Michigan team.