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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Being in the Shoe when i was 6 for my first game against Wisconsin. With my Dad. That was the end of that. I have bled Scarlett and Gray since. The other was watching the boys play in AZ in the 2002 game...AH-MAZING!
  • NFL TEAM: Browns and Skins (husband!)

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Comment 13 Aug 2017

Love it!!!!!  seeing how supported they are by their teammates and being rewarded for how to hard work is just awesome.  You could hear in their voices the determination, commitment and selflessness. The backbone of the culture is right there.

Comment 16 Mar 2017

BeCool...I think you're on to something there. He's tough as nails and did a great job.  He's young.  I remember EE when he started, he wasn't the star he became.  Not saying Weber will be, but he did great and is gonna have a good year.  

Comment 29 Sep 2016

Shut up!!! Watched season one with hubs. Great season, the Rock performance was excellent, Ricky too!! No idea about Denzel. Happy to see Eddie. He did great! Have to dive into Season 2 stat!! Thanks for the 411 guys!

Comment 11 Apr 2016

Wrong Louie!

Here's a chicks POV, and in the age range of the fiancée...RUN. 

The threats to harm herself - AND then blame you? And at 42...i couldn't ever imagine behaving that way. Straight up. It's either alarmingly childish or its deeply vindictive and selfish (and bananas). either way for a 42 yr old, that ain't good. And my husband drives me nuts at times. Trust. 

Marriage is a long road. It doesn't get any easier as the years roll. So if you're gonna do it get a good one. Because she's showing you her cards. And I agree that it will repeat, perhaps the same or some other version.

i just heard this phrase today from Maya Angelou "when people show you who they are, believe them the first time."  I'm sorry dc28...shitty as you obviously had something deep enough for $$ on a ring, but the universe is speaking to you. I don't have all the details but the kind of behavior is no bueno under any circumstances. Good luck.

Comment 11 Apr 2016

Just heartbreaking. It's hard to wrap my head around how a vibrant life is cut so short in an instant.  I've thought many times what it must have been like for his wife...had that been my husband and I'd have witnessed that...I don't have words. 

no words for any of this.  

Tressel...will always love that man.