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  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: All time? Eddie George. This season? I'm really pulling for Tyler Moeller.
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Comment 09 Sep 2010

"...the man who currently wears number 36 for the Scarlet and Gray." (my italics)

This phrasing is a tad awkward/ambiguous. Of course, your intent is to differentiate between Rolle and Spielman (among others). But syntactically, you could just as easily be saying that Rolle has worn other numbers in the past and/or will do so in the future. I might recommend something along the lines of "the current wearer of the  number 36" or "the heir to Chris Spielman's legendary number 36" or "the man who wears number 36 for the Buckeyes' defense." Whatever, you get the point.

P.S.-- Feel free to delete my post whether or not you decide to edit the post. No need to sacrifice the harmony of the comments section to accommodate syntax assholes like me.