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Comment 16 May 2018
This is a eSICpn spin spun fairly accurately, unfortunately but true: And this just in: The Celtics are good. The source of their downfall has been repackaged into a strength. They don't have a go-to scorer like Hayward or Irving, but they have the next best thing: a committee of worker bees who, collectively, offset the superstar void left by injuries. Bron's shoulders may not be big enough this series, this doesn't excuse the King's court...jesters.
Comment 14 May 2018
The top two League Pipelines go through Sick Saban...AND tOSU. But the recruiting rankings are NOT what UFM be competing for, SHIPS are. The Shawn Springs Report is OUT, hopefully Urb's 2nd CFC at tOSU will be...IN the books !
Comment 06 May 2018
We Cavs fans will never forget this trying to wrap our mind around another addition to the growing list of late-game LBJ heroics...he's beyond the shadow of MJ now, who didn't have to carry Pippen & Co. on his back like Bron since returning to Believland ! It's why we call him...The King !
Comment 06 May 2018
Thanks Kevin for sharing these expressions from your heart, it's how we've come to know you a little through all your writings and just like always you pay it forward again...thanks again. I vote you stay on as another great Skully writer, you'll be a winner wherever you go.
Comment 06 May 2018
Thanks for this forum post AF, when the Cavs present I'll post and back LBJ & Co. There are everal possibilities to your wondering where's the Cav's Love ? (pun intended) No not all Ohio sport nuts are Cleveland Believer's, and with the rumor mill singing its tune about the King leaving after the playoffs; and KL & JR's regular inconsistencies this in part might explain the absence of 11W comments. fwiw.