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Comment 15 Oct 2018
Appreciate this answer. One thing we're all chaffing on (haven't seen it mentioned much) "penalties." Think this was the first game we had less than the other team. Any idea's other than self discipline ? Every game we have the Big red target nailed to our backs. We settled down last year towards the last few games, hope to see we keep slowing down shooting ourselves in the foot.
Comment 15 Oct 2018
The complaint dept. is plum full, just check the Monday skullys. The best winning percentages(you really think we're a #2 team ?) If we can't see the difference when our HC exclusively used JT all last year(until the 2nd half injury up north); when we presently have a decisive Tebow/T.Martel tool; when is enough...enough. Agree LB U it's not all appetite, but these ballrs are 3-5 stars, fill in the blank ?
Comment 13 Oct 2018
I was born in Otis Hospital. Home of Jim ('68 Bucks starting "FULLback") Otis. Also the home of the Celina Bulldogs ! Give me a C ! Give me a E ! Give me a L ! Give me a I ! Give me a N ! Give me a A ! My dear deceased USAF Captain Dad graduated tOSU and his sister as well (both from Rockford, Ohio). Scarlet & Grey runs DEEP in these die-hard Buck veins. Thanks 11W for taking us back the '68 NC Memory lane !
Comment 12 Oct 2018
SHAZIER'S RETURN TO CINCINNATI Would like to see: SHAZIER'S RETURN TO COLUMBUS Yes this would be huge for our staff & ballrs. His vibe is DAILY making its impact across the sports world. So why not have another: Coach Vrabes thing, and like our current wide receivers coach...happening at the 614. (But, but...the squeelers owners probably have in their fine print a clause of some insane preventing just such a thing.) Whatever. Beat gophers. Beat skunk weasels.
Comment 11 Oct 2018
At one time back when dinosaurs roamed the earth tOSU made a run at being a "football AND basketball" power. And not just an exclusive gridiron (blast the word elite)...and what up until recently became just Matta 20+ W seasons. Our new bball HC has brought with him (backed up by the evidence of his recruiting, & last years 2nd place finish) a very strong "hope" of quite possibly taking us back to dining with the Final Four roundballerz ! I'm All In !
Comment 08 Oct 2018
Saban sure didn't like at all the razorbacks getting 31 on his D.(no coaching staff would) Even tho they were up 41-14 at the half. We all need to realize again that these boys need "time" to gel. And coaches as well. Sure serious progress after 6 games should be obvious. Sure in a few area's it has. Just keep the W's coming. And the penalties down. Your still missed Little Bear !
Comment 08 Oct 2018
Yes a let down game again after a big win, but even an ugly W has 6-0 looking at 7-0. There was once upon a time a season of middle to late game fingernail biters that did produce this school...a Natty. Just win...minus the continued baggage of: Penalties. Not broken, but can be fixed defense out of position from coaching preparation-less-ness. (There is progress...ISN'T there.) Lack of in game coach adjustments before & after the half. (Is there progress...there.) UFM's side-line game of sweating bullets, to seeing the Silver ones firing from ALL chambers. Beat m.ini gophers Beat skunk weasels
Comment 06 Oct 2018
Your's was a good sick... but I just saw Kirt Herbstreit, & the (((puke checkered sport coat desmond howard))) on Game day in Texas... BAD-sick A piece of that chocolate cake would obviously help...& a Hoz'r Hammering will fix it. !
Comment 05 Oct 2018
Every opponent in each game from the Hoz'rs to the CFC HAS to know from our going into TCU & into hapless valley, coming out with Huge W's, that this Buck team's will to win can overcome anyone's will. Sure it's one game at a time. Sure looking past anyone can be fatal. Sure injuries are factors. Sure a letdown after the pee-u win is possible. We didn't even have Little Bear but he'll hopefully be back, how does that play getting into their heads ? Go Bucks ! Beat Ind. Beat skunk weasels.