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Comment 01 Aug 2011

Jumping Johnny,

Loved this piece and your most aesthetic rendering and command of the keys. Nice writing, brah.

Let me confess I be in that blue enemy camp.

But I agree that Hoke generated more than one fat "What?" with some of his comments. fueling the hate and rivalry . . . 

Seems like someone else might be already using this, but here be some ammo for you buck boys: 

Hoke can easily be cross-imaged with Oliver Hardy, with Hoke's little curly bangs on the front of his big mug. 

I like Hoke okay. He seems relatively sincere. He might be a great coach/recruiter, but his style, well, not sure it meshes with climate change, species extinction, genocide, and other fun times ahead.

Probably won't be coming on here too much, but wanted to drop some kudos on thee for your language mechanics.