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Comment 14 Feb 2014

While there is certainly validity in you point, you went at far length to dramatize it for strength.  I haven't followed one recruit that didn't pan out because of homesickness, not liking columbus.  Further I don't think urban Meyer is promising playing time to anyone. The competition is what makes some kids better, and others not.  Lastly, players do come because of woody and Archie. They are ohio state tradition. Many players list tOSU tradition as one of or the one reason why they are signing. Ohio State offers world class facilities, the best research opportunities in the country, great education, social connections, life experience etc so on and so on. Don't be so naive as to think every 4/5 star player chose OSU because of NFL possibilities.  Ohh add NFL possibilities to the aforementioned list. 

Comment 05 Feb 2014

You don't use a schools funds for your official visit to recruit one of their players. I sure hope we have a smidgen on ethics. 

Comment 03 Feb 2014

The anti-OSU agenda gets old guys. Of course espn is all over sec. We all see it. But any big time program like osu gets scrutiny. I need to remind you Oregon got called out twice last year for running up the score.  

Comment 31 Jan 2014

I believe Curtis will beat Dontre out of the primary touches.  Dontre, while super fast, didn't block well, displayed less than superior vision and cutting, and adds very little yards after contact. Don't get me wrong, dontre will be a star, but I think it's Curtis Samuel that has a higher ceiling.