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Comment 12 Jun 2019

Congratulations to Eddie George!!!! A huge man who was made to look even larger with the size of those shoulder pads!!!! What great field memories as a Buckeye and Titans. I vividly remember the 1995 game at Penn State. Treated my best friend to his first college game. He was a PSU homer. Throughout the game I led the shouts of ED-DIE ED-DIE ED-DIE, each time Eddie had a successful gain. Late in the game the Nits Curtis Enis scored and the crowd around us, including my buddy, in unison, shouted CUR-TIS CUR-TIS. Of course the next drive Eddie drove the team down the field and scored the winning td. Had a blast screaming ED-DIE!!!! GO BUCKS!!!! 

Comment 01 Jun 2019

Having been reared in the Central PA area, and being an avid football fan of all levels of football, allow me to throw my two cents in on the Garrett Wilson-Julian Fleming comparisons. What hasn't been mentioned is the difference in competition faced by both receivers. Hands down, Garrett played for a more high profile program, Lake Travis, who competes in Texas football's highest classification, compared to Julian playing in PA football's lowest classification (1A). Classification in PA is determined by the number of male students in grades 9-12. Julian's high school, Southern Columbia, is very small and obviously competes against other school's its size. One thing about Southern Columbia is, over the years they have won more football State Championships then any other school, and that is of course, with or without Julian. So, from a team-wise competition level, Julian in no way plays against the caliber of player that Garrett faces on a weekly basis. How this translates to the next level will be interesting. Obviously, with Garrett's background his transition should be smoother than Julian's. I was at the Spring game and Garrett did not disappoint. He absolutely belongs.  I was at the PA State track and field championships last weekend and I saw Julian in his competition in both the 100, long jump, 4x100 and 4x400. This guy is strapped and passes the eye-ball test of being a physical specimen. Dude can also motor, and what I observed most is his desire to compete. The last race of the day was the boy's 4x400, and when he received the baton, on anchor leg, his team was in about 6th place. He quickly made up the distance to 4th and held on to that position at the finish line. Julian ran an awesome leg. That being said, the Buckeyes are getting a big kid that can flat-out motor. Looking forward to watching him as a Buckeye. GO BUCKS!!!!

Comment 10 May 2019

We have always been the opponent's "Bullseye" game!! And, as good as coach Meyer was, I believe that year 1 under coach Day, he will take a "no prisoner's" approach. I look for him to be relentless in his quest for points. Clear cut example: In last year's ttun game, with the score 62-39 with nearly 2 minutes remaining, coach had team go into victory formation. And of course, Meyer was very generous to the opposition during the last few years as head coach. Do not expect this generosity to continue under Day. Ttun score would have been 69-39!! I look for opposing coaches and teams to loathe Day. He will instill a killer attitude that I don't believe ever existed at Ohio State. Yes, Meyer's teams scored bucket loads of td's, but Meyer will be viewed as way more of a gentleman than Day probably ever will on the sidelines. Our Buckeyes will be the true Beast of the BIG, both feared and despised. Get your popcorn ready!!!! We got ourselves a good one in Ryan Day!!!! GO BUCKS!!!! 

Comment 19 Feb 2019

Gene Smith has had an incredible journey as ND football captain as the player that left the field to be replaced by Rudy. in Rudy's dream of playing for the Irish, to being undeniably the best AD in Buckeye history. Thank you Gene Smith, and thank you to The Ohio State University. GO BUCKS!!!!

Comment 13 Dec 2018

Congrats to the phenomenal season that Dwayne Haskins has had. All of his stats are amazing, however, one that hasn't been talked about that much may be tops (I'm sure NFL GM's know about it) and that is his amazing low number of interceptions (8) compared to the number of passes thrown. WOW!!!! Light up the scoreboard in Pasadena to send Coach Urban Frank Meyer out with a WIN.  GO BUCKS!!!! 

Comment 18 Nov 2018

Question: Does ttun have anyone on their team that has the explosive abilities of Moore, Ant Mac, or the rb from Oregon State? Answer: No. Conclusion: ttun could be the game where our D really matches up.  As long as we play mistake-free defensive ball, and contain Patterson on runs, we should do very well. I don't see anyone stopping our O. I really believe that those people who wish us ill-will, will find out that these Buckeyes are better than their season-long performance.  GO BUCKS!!!!

Comment 07 Nov 2018

 This is the most confusing I've ever been about our coaches decision-making. It was obvious in the Nebraska game that White was clearly the best tackler and defender on the entire team, including Fuller. He had to have shown glimpses of his ability at some point in practice. I mean, c'mon man, missing one freaking block in practice relegates a person to 4th string. I seriously wonder how many more players have similar ability to White that are rotting on the bench because they are not the practice players of some of our "starters". I'm happy for White and hope he continues to shine. I'm just hoping the staff is smart enough to move Fuller back to his more natural safety position where he was playing at an all-star level last season.  GO BUCKS!!!!

Comment 16 Oct 2018

I think the precedent for skipping out on bowl games to risk injury started as a result of the hellacious ACL injury suffered by Jaylon Smith, Notre Dame, against our Buckeyes in 2015. Jaylon, pre-draft, was considered to be a top 5 pick. His injury cost him huge guaranteed money as he was drafted in the 2nd round by the Cowboys. Like other contributors, I believe that no athlete would sit out a game if their team made it to the playoffs. However, if it's a non-playoff bowl, sitting out will trend up, again, for the elite, probable 1st round draft pick. I'm just hoping that what people were suggesting Leonard Fournette, LSU rb, would do his junior year; that is, sit out, declare for the draft, and not risk injury. Is that day on the horizon? Circumstances could play a big part. Ex: A youngster named Ed Oliver (Houston) was a 1st team All-American, both as a true frosh and soph. This is his 3rd year. Driven by a desire to be a high NFL draft pick why would he risk injury by playing a "meaningless" 3rd year? Why not sign with an agent, join a top-flight Combine development program and prepare for your future as an NFL player. Sadly, this scene may actually happen.  Nick's injury and subsequent decision I fully understand and support. 

Comment 01 Oct 2018

Long plays are alarming, but I believe as games continue we will have a remedy for it. Pryor did close the gap and did make a last ditch effort to tackle Hamler. Yes, poor angle was the problem. Slot receiver like Hamler should/will never be caught by a safety. Two entirely different speed gears, especially if the slot/wr has a step. At the NFL combine safety's are expected to be in the 4.5 - 4.6 range. Slots/wr's are expected to be in the 4.3-4.4 range. Speaking of Kendall Sheffield? All of the long run's has been to the side opposite him. If you notice the defensive box score Sat night, his name was missing, which is a great thing for a db. I don't believe the Nits came to his side one time. Kid is having a quiet good year. Glad to see Jeff Okudah step his game up these last 2 weeks.  GO BUCKS!!!!

Comment 24 Sep 2018

Both offenses are potent. I believe, however, that our O will have an easier time moving the ball against their D versus their O against our D. Both D's have holes. I just think that our D-line is better than their O-line and we should be able to pressure the pocket. Both team's weaknesses are lb'er play. Watched 3 of Nits games and lb'ers were run on in every game. They have problems disengaging blockers. Hope our running game can exploit this weakness. Our lb'er play has been atrocious as well. ZERO tackles by our starters'. Unfreakingbelievable!! Probably the 1st time in the storied history of Buckeye football this has ever happened. Their db play has not been stellar either, except for cb (#21, Amani Oruwariye) that is projected as a 2019 1st rd pick by cbssports. I believe our wr play will overwhelm the lack of experience and play of their db's. "IF" we can pressure the pocket and make McS uncomfortable, forcing him to throw 50-50 balls, our db's will have a chance to get multiple picks. The down-side to this is if our db's are not in position they can easily have pass interference calls against them. Likewise with our lb'ers being out of position, McS will make them pay.  

In a shoot-out I believe our O is way more potent than theirs's. Even with our lack of lb'er play, our O will come thru with Haskins having another awesome display of passing. Best play of the day: Take the Buckeyes -3 1/2.  GO BUCKS!!!!

Comment 18 Sep 2018

Excellent story and piece of writing by Denzell Ward. 

Read the prison article about inmate killing cellmate and wearing man's ear on a string to the cafeteria. What a tool? Vividly remember watching Richard Pryor in the movie "Richard Pryor live at San Quentin". Pryor interviewed several inmates as to why they were in prison. One inmate shared that he killed his mother, father, and brother. Pryor asked him, "Why", The inmate responded "Because they were there". Pryor gasped and said "Thank God for prisons".     The whole article brings me to that conclusion.

Comment 17 Sep 2018

Respectfully disagree IBleed as to Woodbey and him not being able to make the depth chart. Even though he's playing the Star position (outside backer) at FSU, he would have, IMO, (as an early enrollee) beaten out both Wint and Pryor. Has better size and ball skills than both. His comments challenging who should be Buckeye's qb sealed his fate. Of course, he's not with us, but, had he kept to his commitment he would have been a 3 and done starter for THE OHIO STATE BUCKEYES.  GO BUCKS!!!!