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Comment 26 May 2020

I remember the time well. 

The Faculty Council made the decision in part by claiming that we would be playing the same team that we had already beaten (UCLA) during the season and that it was dangerous for students to be traveling that distance in winter. That was BS. At that time (during the 1950s) Ohio State was known throughout the country as "That Football School", and the academics resented it.

There were lots protests about the decision which Woody did not agree with so he spoke out. 

Comment 07 Apr 2020

I have watched the first two seasons twice and just finished season 3 last night. I thought 3 took the series to the Breaking Bad level and I consider "Bad" the best thing ever on TV. (Did however think there was a slight flaw in the Ben story in that no one seemed to be considering forcing him back on his meds). Loved the contradiction that Ben was psychotic but grasped the insanity of the situation around him. Linney will win an Emmy.

Comment 15 Feb 2020

Yes, he doesn't look "comfortable on the floor" at all lately, whereas earlier in the season he added some offense. 

If memory serves, I don’t recall seeing much of Liddell in the second half, so the coaches must have agreed, and looking at the stat sheet it looks like he played 11 minutes today was 0 for 3, no rebounds and 2 turnovers.

Hope he gets it together again, because the talent is there.

Comment 15 Feb 2020

Anyone actually believe PU won't start hitting their shots in the second half?

Buckeyes will have to string two halves together to win this one. A hard task for this team.    

Comment 09 Feb 2020

I quit on watching before the half ended. 

These guys can't handle the ball in traffic and have poor basketball IQs. Any team with a defense will handle them easily.